Vital statistics
Introduction Date 1949
Production 1949-Present
Manufacturer Izhmash
Ammunition Type 7.62x39mm
Magazine Capacity
  • 30-75 Round Magazine
  • 100 Round Drum
  • Type Assault Rifle
    Alternate Fire Modes
  • Semi-Automatic
  • 3 Round Burst
  • Full-Automatic
  • Accessories
  • Folding Stock
  • Suppressor
  • Various Magazines/Drums
  • Various Scopes/Sights
  • The AK-47 (Avtomativ Kalashnikov) is a conventional assault rifle that originated on the human homeworld of Earth. The rifle was the brainchild of Russian inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov, who started designed the weapon after the STG-44 came out of Nazi, Germany. The weapon didn't come out until 1949, after that, every soldier in the Red Army had one. By the 1960's, the weapon became the rival of the American Colt M-16 while in Vietnam. Since then the AK-47 has served the humans from the end of the 40's, all the way into the present.


    By the year 2025, the AK-47 became an obsolete firearm along with other firearms that used bullets, however the weapon became popular with the Zarchonians when a group of North Korean soldiers bought it to Zarchos where the inhabitance of the planet were in the more primitive age of it's life. The weapon became a huge success with the group led by Sarkos Two-Balls and that's when he started to battle with others on his planet. The United States intervened when they bought another group of Zarchonians, the Colt M-16 and conventional artillery like tanks and cannons. Alongside that, The North Koreans also taught the Zarchonians how to manufacure the weapons and it's ammunition as well.


    Lord of war - ak 4700:56

    Lord of war - ak 47

    AK47 versus M16 - R09:51

    AK47 versus M16 - R. Lee Ermey

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