"I'm like the modern day Superman"

Aaron "Star Crosser" Carter was born on December 6, 2413 in the Milky Way Galaxy on the Human homeworld of Earth. His parents were never known and he was orphaned during his infancy.

Early LifeEdit

Aaron lived in the United States, but later ran away from the orphanage he lived in because of the physical abuse he received by the headmaster. He started on a small cargo vessel called the Katanga as a swab and then later on was promoted to first mate for his brilliant act of courage against a crew of pirates. Later on when he was 19, the captain he served under, died and he gave the ship to Aaron. Aaron would later rename his vessel the USS Warpstar and it would be his main transport throughout the galaxy.

The Last StrawEdit

In the galaxy, no other person could love Aaron other than his girlfriend and first mate Claire Porter, who he met on Alpha Centauri. She and him became a thing after she saved him from the clutches of a Garthonian Farcon Beast. They were both happy until one day in the year 2424, where a group of Zarchonian Pirates raided their ship and took Claire. Aaron tried to keep up with them, but the pirates managed to sabotage his engines before they left with their spoils. Now Aaron searches for his long lost love throughout the galaxy and will stop at nothing to find her.

The ExperimentEdit

Aaron, by 24, experimented with a new drug that could enable him to be powerful than an average human, however the effects were temporary, lasting for 4 hours. Aaron later invented a self replicating bio-organic nanobot that not only graphed the pill's effects to his body permanently, but also granted him superhuman capabilities that he needed against foes more powerful than his regular human self. The experiment was a success and Aaron now is capable of much more than a mortal man.

4 Years LaterEdit

After 4 years, Aaron became a member of the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom in hopes of one day finding Claire and he managed to when he saw her on a view screen on the planet Zarchos while speaking to Sarkos Two-Balls. He ordered a planet side invasion of the planet, where they managed to break through Sarkos' defenses and into the palace where they checked the Paradise Wing and found that Claire wasn't there. It was later revealed that she was going to be married to Sarkos, however he spoiled the wedding. They were going to fight, but Aaron grabbed Sarkos' arm and crushed his hand when he took a swing at him, then he went over to Claire to see if she was alright. He also injected her with his special serum that made him what he is today.

The WeddingEdit

After the incident that unfolded with Sarkos, Aaron and Claire decided to marry, so the the next day, they were joined in holy matrimony. They decided to spend their honeymoon after the wedding and are unsure as to where to go for it.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The powers and abilities that Aaron gained during his experiment have given him an edge against his foes and has assisted him ever since he gained them.

Superhuman Strength Edit

The pill that granted him enhanced human strength, now exceeds his expectations. At first, Aaron was capable of lifting objects the size of a patrol craft, but with his bio nanotech upgrade, his body has been enhanced with strength that makes him far more superior in strength.

Superhuman Stamina & EnduranceEdit

His strength also grants him a superhuman stamina, capable of keeping him in a fight longer. He also possesses an endurance that exceeds a normal human beings.

Superhuman Speed Edit

Much like his superhuman strength and stamina, Aaron also possessed enhanced human speed at first, however the nanotechnology enhances that to superhuman level.

Superhuman Reflexes & AgilityEdit

His reflexes and even agility is greatly superhuman powered as well.


He also possesses a nanotech reinforced skin that is capable of resisting bullets, blades and even lasers. If ever damaged, the nanobots can self replicate. He is also resistant to all forms of ailments, bacterial infections, viruses and diseases throughout the galaxy.

Accelerated HealingEdit

Vocal MimicryEdit

The nanobots that are in Aaron system are capable of recording voices and sounds that are made by enemy combatants in order to mimic them later on, either to intimidate his enemies, fool his enemies or to enter areas no one else can.

Heightened SensesEdit

Aaron's natural senses have been increased to superhuman levels and that gives him an edge on hunting and even finding others. His eyes are able to see farther any other human being, as well as see things that the regular naked eye cannot such as his own nanobots. His hearing is also greatly improved, allowing him to hear farther and more clearly than an human, as well as smell enemies from miles away.

After the creation of the Terranovian Empire; he was converted into a pure Terranovian by his son Archer C. Carter.


Personality & TraitsEdit

Aaron is said to be almost incorruptible whenever it comes to battling evil and would never willingly abandon the side of good. He is also known to be very trustworthy as well as a man of his word, even a comedic genius whenever it comes to lightening the mood. He is also known to be big on victory and won't stop until he achieves it. He is also a faithful man to both his wife and family, as well as to his fellow comrades.


Aaron's hobbies are very unique which includes the enjoyment of old time music. He also amuses himself with montage sequences, as well as victory celebrations. Old movies also are one of his favorite pass times as well, even video games, both new and old are enjoyable to him. Inventing is also one of his strong points, as well as comic books, which is where he got the idea to make the nanobots that would bond the pill's effects to his body permanently, as well as the nanobots being bonded to his body.

Favorite MusicEdit

AC DC - Rock' n Roll Train

AC DC - Rock' n Roll Train

Elvis - Rubbernecking

Elvis - Rubbernecking

Elvis Presley Viva Las Vegas

Elvis Presley Viva Las Vegas

Joan Jett - Bad Reputation

Joan Jett - Bad Reputation