"How can one be or know of peace, if I spent my whole life in war"

--Abii Zlamosse

Abii Zlamosse is a Quatonaien and currently the First Lady of Quatonai and is Cleptsii Davinion's girlfriend. She was part of The Liberators Army during the Quatonaien Civil War, the army was dedicated to defeating The Daemon Army/Government and restoring Quatonai to their tranquil/peaceful ways of life.


Early LifeEdit

Quatonai engineering vats

Abii's engineering vat

Like many of her species during the Daemon governments reign, Abii was engineered in a vat to be a scientist for the Quatonaien government. When she was born she displayed signs above normal Quatonaien intelligence being able to solve advanced Quatonaien puzzles, her parents were part of The Liberators Army in The Civil War and so aside from her being smart she was also trained to fight The Daemon Army.

Life in the WarEdit

In 2518, she was a very skilled soldier and had fought in many space and land battles but was eventually captured in one battle and imprisoned and sentenced to death in February 2519. She met fellow Liberator Dikania, a teenage thief Malcov, a Sage Durrankar and the chosen one Cleptsii together they formed a plan and escaped prison on a ship. They then later discovered of Cleptsii's genetics and decided to use this to their advantage and find The Artifacts and end the war.

Search for the ArtifactsEdit