Abraham Johnson is a Vampire currently living on New Earth although he was born on Necros 5. He feeds himself off the blood of animals instead of humans and proclaims himself a "vegetarian Vampire". He is a roommate of the Werewolves Aiden Bark and Melissa Cane.


Early LifeEdit

Abraham was born on Necros 5 to Vampire parents. He was raised in a Vampire community but raised vegetarian as he would drink the blood of animals. In 2175, his family moved to New Earth for unknown reasons. Aiden then spent the next 210 years making his way in life.

Meeting Aiden BarkEdit

In 2480, he received news that he would be getting two new roommates, A werewolf named Aiden and a human named Melissa, although Abraham and Aiden weren't aware of each other's dual lives. Until a month later, a day before the full moon Aiden revealed he was a Werewolf and then Abraham also decided to come clean and revealed he was a Vampire, this was a new stepping stone in their friendship.

Melissa's problemEdit

In 2485, Abraham didn't tighten Aiden's chains enough and then he escaped knocking Abe out and infecting Melissa. Feeling somewhat responsible for this, Abraham agreed to help find a cure by any means necessary. And so he left in search for a cure.


After months, Abraham returned to New Florida with a new friend. A Werewolf named Terry upon his arrival Abe discovered that Aiden had killed his maker but was not cured of his lycanthropy. Abraham then told Aiden that his friend Terry had learned to control his inner wolf and could teach him and Melissa the same. Aiden agreed.

10 Years LaterEdit

After 10 years, Aiden and Melissa had learned to control their power and had found their way in life, Abraham realized he too wanted to find his purpose and so he left his friend and returned to Necros 5 to "find himself".