Welcome to Across the Heavens this is a hard sci-fi fantasy wiki based on a story created by founder User:Red Average the story is about Astronaut Adam Stetson who on a trip as the first man to Mars his ship is caught in a wormhole and is taken to the year 2436 where he is met by I.A.F soldier and captain of the USS Warpstar,Aaron Carter who askes him for help to stop a war by The Militia a Organisation that only cares for the death and destruction of those who are against them now Aaron and Adam and the crew of the USS Warptstar must stop the upcoming war.

The Story is also split into a later timeline after the war where a section of the militia is still fighting but the main protagonists are Archer C.Carter son of Aaron Carter,Nick Hall and Aissia Nova later the wife of Archer these 3 teens who have extraordinary powers and fertile the universe to make more of their kind they then start the Terranovians.

Their are a variety of species and weapons in the universe so we never run our of ideas.

If you wish to make a character or species please send a small blog of them including their Name,Age,Powers,Equipment and others to Red Average or Secord.

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