The Adaptor is the name of an unknown endangered hostile insectoid species of unknown origin.


No one can in fact piece together the origins of this lifeform; however others have speculated that it comes from an insectoid that has been long forgotten for centuries. Others have even speculated the creature was apart of an experiment; testing new bio-weapons for armies.

Massacre at Gorich 2Edit

By the year 2436; an outpost for the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom was about to complete a 2 year geographical survey of the planet Gorich 2. One night changed their whole situation; after they discovered a crashed ship on the planet that was said to have been there for at least 200,000 years. They entered the craft and found this alien frozen in suspended animation; leading to the team bringing the specimen back and analyzing it. After a while; the alien started to awake and it busted it's way out of it's cryotube, then disappeared. After a while; things seemed quiet; however members of the team were being killed one by one. Only 2 survivors managed to kill the Adaptor within a total of 2 days.

Thinking the alien was dead; they contacted the I.A.F fleet in order to get off the planet; however an hour later; the surviving man named Ben Goodman discovered the alien didn't die and had managed to comeback through the use of it's replication capability. Ben and the surviving woman Lucy Sanders were now against this thing once and for all. The Adaptor suddenly retreated when confronting the two survivors; which led them back to the ship's crash site. Goodman and Sanders observed the Adaptor's movements as it started to revive others that were concealed inside a small compartment of the ship. There were 5 more of these aliens; which led to Goodman and Sanders to break out the PT-36s. Sanders and Goodman torched the Adaptor and it's comrades before it could revive them. The 2 survivors then tossed a Hydrogen Grenade into the ship and escaped before the 10 second countdown could be completed. The whole ship exploded from the inside and in turn, destroying the Adaptor and it's comrades.


The Adaptor is known to be originally 7ft tall and 4ft in length, weighing less than or over 300 pounds. Iti is in fact a quadpedal species; with 2 large Praying Mantis like legs for hind legs, while it's primary arms and hands supply it with forelegs. It has no known face like a human or any humanoid lifeform; however it does have a head that is moderately covered in hair and eyes that can only be seen when they glow through it's head tissue. It also possesses 2 4ft tails and a 6ft tail that is found in between it's 4ft counterparts. Underneath where it's abdomen is; is a 3ft long stinger that can be used for either killing or extracting DNA from it's victims impaled on it.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The Adaptor is known to be a very powerful species that possesses the strength of 20-50 human beings and are known to have 5x the speed of a normal human. Because of it's namesake; the Adaptor is known to adapt to any kind of climate; being hostile or friendly environments. It is also known to attack other species and take a sample of their DNA before killing them; allowing itself to replicate into their victims and return to it's original physical state in 5 hours. It is also known to possess a healing factor that runs off of it's replicating capabilities; allowing it to heal within 10 seconds. The Adaptor is known to possess the ability to either camouflauge it's body so it's not immediately seen to the naked eye or it can make itself truly invisible to the naked eye. Because of it's replication technology; the Adaptor is in fact capable of coming back after it's been blone apart; any part that is in fact still moving can regenerate it either with the use of the DNA it's collected or it's own DNA. This lifeform is also capable of naturally sticking to virtually any surface. It's senses are known to be highly accurate when it comes to killing and hunting; basically it possesses x-ray and thermal vision, accurate hearing, smelling and even tasting.


The Adaptor is known to be a master of survival; however it's replication powers have their limits. Species that are genetically more complex are known to be either more harder or impossible to replicate DNA from; however on the extreme rarest occassions has that ever been known to happen; most of the time it is impossible for them to replicate from species that are more genetically complex. Another weakness that the Adaptor cannot adapt to is heat that can reach 700-1500 degrees farenheit; so weapons such as flamethrowers can do the trick. The best weapons against this alien is in fact the PT-36 and any kind of explosives.


The Adaptor is known to have 2 ways of reproducing; asexual and sexual reproduction. usually when asexual reproduction comes into play, is when original is killed; resulting in any moving part to regenerate itself into it's pure form, however it must have enough of it's pure form to regenerate it's body; if not then they cannot reproduce with others of their kind if the use of other alien DNA is their only way of survival. Their sexual reproduction allows them to mate with females like insects and produce pure and fertile offspring. Usually when the male and female reproduce and their offspring are young enough; the offspring in fact breed between themselves or they find other mates.


The Adaptor is known to have possessed a lifespan of 400 years; however because of their natural survival tactics and accelerated healing; they are capable of freezing themselves with or without the use of cryotubes and in turn; expand their life.


The Adaptor is known to in fact utilize technology whenever it can and however it can in order to survive; however it is unknown if it is even smart enough to have created their own technology. It has in fact demonstrated it's understanding on how other technologies work; however whether or not it possesses technology remains a mystery.