The Adler
The Adler
Produced In: New Earth
Type Vehicle:
  • Battle Cruiser
  • Freighter
  • Width: 80 meters
    Height/Depth: 80 meters
    Length: 200 meters
    Weight: Approx:200,000,000 tons
    Armor: Unknown
    Manufacturer: Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom
    Country of Origin: Unknown Quatonaien City
    Crew: 17
  • Plasma Turrets (5 aft, 5 forward)
  • Lock On Nuclear Missile (10 Port Side, 10 Starboard Side)
  • Special Devices:
  • Hyperdrive System
  • Cloaking Device
  • Quantum Wormhole Drive
  • Deflector Shield Generator (4)
  • Service Length: 2515 - Present
    Power Source:
  • Unknown New Earth Battery

  • The Adler originally called an I.A.F Starfleet was a former pirate ship captained by the pirate turned Custos Luke Conright.


    The Adler before it was even called The Alder was an I.A.F Starship captained by the renowned I.A.F soldier Benedict Pounde. It was in many battles becoming famous in the galaxy. In 2523 the ship was apart of an attack on the renowned pirate ship the Ferals Revenge, the ship escaped but had left a crew member on board. The crew member killed Benedict Pounde and proclaimed the ship as his offering the soldiers a place at his side or death, they agreed to be apart of his crew. The crew member was revealed to be Luke Conright. In 2526 after 3 years of being its captain the ship was attacked by the I.A.F, the engines were knocked out and they crash landed on the planet Kazak Prime, all of the crew died accept for Luke and his quartermaster. Luke and the quartermaster spent days searching for help but none came, suddenly they were encountered by the secret group the Custos where they sheltered them and repaired The Adler. Luke and the quartermaster in their thanks decided to join their cause, The Adler then became a ship for good. In 2528, the ship was involved in another space battle against the Ferals Revenge but this time The Adler emerged victorious.

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