"Well...the heightened senses are a pain in the ass but besides that its okay being one of us once you learn to control it"

-- Aiden Bark

Aiden Bark II was Werewolf. Aiden was the husband of Melissa Cane and father to Ralph and Luna Bark. He was a close friend of the Vampire Abraham Johnson, he was also notable for being part of the Werewolf Division in the I.A.F although he quit in 2500. In 2505, like many other Werewolves and alongside his wife, Aiden was killed in the Siege of Divinus.


Early LifeEdit

"What shall we name him?"

"Aiden...After my grandfather...He'll be a great man just like him"

--Aiden's parents discussing his name

Aiden was born in New Kansas, 2460 to Peter and Mary Bark, the Bark family was well known for being the most normal family on New Earth. Aiden was the middle child of 4 children, he had two older brothers named James and Connor, and a younger sister by 3 years names Patrice. Aiden always wanted to be an adventurer and join the I.A.F but due to his families reputation as "normal" he could not pursue this ambition.

Becoming a WerewolfEdit

"Great costume!"

"I don't think that's a costume..."

"Oh sh- -"

--Aiden and his friend seconds before being savaged

In 2480, Aiden and his friends decided to go to a costume party (Aiden went as Spider-Man), during the party they were attacked and savaged by a Werewolf. Aiden managed to escape but was scratched in the process, Aiden then knew he was a Werewolf, Aiden went to his girlfriend Melissa's house and told her of what happened she then helped him clean off the blood, while she was cleaning him off Aiden knew he couldn't stay in Kansas and asked if Melissa would run away with him, she agreed.

New FloridaEdit

"This is our new life...I promise I'll make it up to you...thank you for this"

"No...I'll always be by your side no matter what. I love you"

"I love you too"

-- Aiden and Melissa

Aiden and Melissa then moved to New Florida and became roommates with Abraham Johnson (secretly a Vampire), eventually Aiden and Abraham revealed to eachother their secrets and accepted eachother and became close friends.

Infecting MelissaEdit

"Aiden! You have to calm down! No!"


-- Aiden and Melissa moments before he scratches her

In 2485, while in Werewolf form, Aiden broke out of his chains and accidently infected Melissa turning her into a Werewolf also. The next day Aiden was upset and decided to see if there were any cures of the Werewolf disease, he discovered one: to kill your maker. Aiden then hoped if he killed his maker and cured himself, Melissa would be cured too.

Hunting his makerEdit

"I'm so sorry...I-I I'll find a cure. If it's the last thing I do!"

--Aiden apologizing to Melissa

Aiden spent most of 2485 searching for his infector but one day a man named Howard approached him and told him that he was the one that infected Aiden, Howard then offered to teach Aiden the wonders of being a Werewolf but Aiden refused and swore to kill him for what he did, Howard then told him to meet him in the forest later on (it was the full moon that day). That night Aiden met with Howard and the two transformed into their Wolf forms and fought, they fought all night and in the morning the two transformed back to human and resumed their fight, the fight ended with Aiden snapping Howard's neck. Aiden believing he and Melissa were cured returned home and proposed to Melissa thinking everything would be alright. 1 month later, Aiden discovered he was not cured and was still a Werewolf.


"We have to connect with our inner wolves, bond with it"

"Bond with the thing that ruined my girlfriends life?"

"With negative energy like that you'll get nowhere"

--Aiden and Terry

1 week later, Aiden was depressed discovering he was not cured but Abraham discovered a Werewolf named Terry who had come to peace with his inner wolf and learned to control it, Abraham then asked Terry if he could teach Aiden and Melissa the same thing, Terry agreed. Aiden and Melissa spent the next 5 days meditating to come to peace with their inner Werewolf, finally Aiden tapped into it and came to peace with his inner wolf. Aiden was now capable of controlling his Werewolf and also knew how transform whenever he wanted instead of just the full moon.

Joining the I.A.FEdit

"We're looking to recruit people like you for our new divison"

"What's that?"

"The Werewolf Divison"

-- Aiden and an I.A.F agent

One day the I.A.F came to Aiden's house and wanted to recruit him and Melissa as part of their new "Werewolf Division" (which were to recruit young Werewolves and stop them from leading savage lives as Werewolves), Aiden and Melissa agreed.

The ArenaEdit

"What the hell is this?"

"You just answered your own question"

-- Aiden and a Werewolf prisoner


After a month of being in the I.A.F, Aiden was very popular among his Werewolf and human peers. Due to this popularity Aiden then became a target for the Militia. While on a mission with other Werewolves, they were attacked and captured by the Militia, they were taken to a place called The Arena, a place where the Militia capture Werewolves and make them fight to the death. Aiden was made to battle a pro-champion Werewolf named Phil, Aiden refused to fight but the Militia gave him a serum to transform him into his wolf form. Aiden transformed into a werewolf and also lost control of himself, he then battled Phil but eventually killed him. After a few days of being in The Arena, the I.A.F found the Werewolves and liberated them, Aiden returned to the I.A.F.


"Aiden...we're gonna have a pup"

--Melissa announcing her pregnancy

10 years later in 2495, with the help of Aiden, the Werewolf population has been turned around and has been seen as a force for good rather than monsters. In these 10 years, Aiden married Melissa and the two mated on the full moon resulting in her pregnancy, she is currently 7 months pregnant and the couple are expecting a baby girl. Aiden has also taken on a 15-year-old protege named Gabriel Adaku.

Goodbye to an old friendEdit

"I'm leaving..."


Abraham knew he was immortal and had done nothing with his life, so he decided to move back to Necros 5 in order to "find" himself. Aiden and Melissa were sad but wished him all the luck in the universe.

The birthEdit

"What do we do!?"

"What can we do! I haven't got a choice I have to give birth in Werewolf form AAAAAHH!!!"

-- Aiden and Melissa before going into labor

Finally the 9 months were up and Melissa was due any day. One day on the full moon it was transformation time but their was a problem, Melissa had gone into labour, Aiden was worried that the birth and transformation would kill the baby. Aiden had his doubts of the babies survival agreed to stay with her until the end. After hours of pain and struggling, they had finally transformed and Melissa had given birth to twins: a boy and girl, the happy couple named them Ralph (meaning wolf counsel) and Luna (meaning moon) out of respect for their werewolf persona.

Moving to DivinusEdit

"I found it! Our new home"

--Aiden upon discovering Divinus

In 2500, Aiden learned of the planet Divinus's social acceptance and admiration of Werewolves, he discovered it was a safer place than the ever growing corrupt New Earth and would be a perfect way to raise the now 5 year old twins. And so Aiden quit the I.A.F and informed them he would be moving planets. In 2501 they had finally moved to Divinus and were greeted admirably, the Bark's had a nice home with a nice view and great neighbors (fellow Werewolves).


"Go! Leave the planet...get to New Earth...find....Gabe...Howard...." -- Aiden's last words

In 2505 after 4 years of living on Divinus, Aiden couldn't possibly ask for more. He was married to his beautiful wife, a proud father and living in a great economy. But he would lose all of this including his life in the Siege of Divinus. Where Vampires overran the planet, enslaving Werewolves and Divinus's native species. Aiden and Melissa fought alongside the Werewolves but they were both ultimately killed by the Vampires.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like all other Werewolves, Aiden possesses: Superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman endurance/stamina, superhuman reflexes/agility, partial invulnerability, heightened senses and accelerated healing. But now that Aiden is at peace with his inner wolf he can now transform during the day too.


Like many other Werewolves, Aiden is extremely vulnerable to silver.


Aiden is blonde with blue eyes standing at the height of 5'11, he was relatively skinny for his age in 2485 but after 10 years in the I.A.F he had become more muscular.

In his Werewolf form Aiden is a bluish white type color and his eyes change to green when he is in Werewolf form. He also grows in height to 6'6.

Personality and traitsEdit

Prior to his first transformation into a werewolf, Aiden was confident, composed, and more of an extrovert. Upon realizing what he had become after his first transformation, Aiden dropped everything running away from home without saying a word to his family, not wanting to accidentally hurt them. During his self-imposed exile, Aiden degenerated into a neurotic and socially awkward man. Prior to learing to control his inner wolf, Aiden reverted back to his old self.