The Andromeda-Class Star Copter is an interstellar VTOL that started production in 2435. In fact this was the universe's first interstellar VTOL that utilized both rotor blades and jet engines.

Early StartEdit

This VTOL didn't see action until the year 2435 when Aaron Carter of the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom tested a prototype model of this craft; however considered it too conventional for space travel. I.A.F members later realized that if the craft was modified with jet propulsion; then the craft could be used for guerilla tactics against the Militia and other enemies of the I.A.F.

Aaron was later called back onto the project and he created a new prototype of the craft; this time with 4 plasma jet engines which made the craft so fast that it made the conventional rotor blades spin within the vast regions of space. It later proved useful as not only a guerilla craft; but also as a transport and gunship.


The Andromeda-Class Star Copter has proven that even the most conventional of aircraft can be the most effective of spacecraft.