Paradisians (More Commonly Known as "Angels") are an endangered race of Ultra-Terrestrial humanoid species. Along with the Elves; Angels were considered one of the oldest living races of the universe and were considered to primitive man as a being with white wings.


The origins and evolutionary standpoint of Angels is clearly unknown due to their long history; in fact it is entirely unclear that they visited Earth in their many travels; however their history dates back to when Earth was nothing more than a giant fireball of a planet.

2406: Fallen AngelsEdit

By the year 2406; the Angels became the subject of shock and awe by the Militia. Most of them were killed by the Militia by the Angels who defected to the Militia's cause. Any who got off the planet were brutally hunted down and were either slaughtered, enslaved or tortured to the point of death.

Marissa PrinceEdit

By the year 2436; the Militia had already captured and tortured Marissa Angelique; this later led Russell Prince to free her from captivity and escape with her to space controlled by the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom. They escaped in an Odin-Class Attacker and were brutally attacked by Russell's brother Claudius; who died at the hand of his younger sibling.

They later met up with the USS Warpstar; then Russell and Marissa fell in love and married. They spent their honeymoon on New Vegas.


The basic biology of the Angel is known to be that of a humanoid figure that appears human. They have the same exact human features; however the only thing that makes them distinct from humans are their powers and abilities. Also unlike a regular human; they are extraordinarily intelligent and can match the Terranovians in that said intelligence.


The diet of the Angels is usually that of vegetables and various fruits. Although they are powerful beings, they do not need much sustenance to stay alive. When it comes to protein however; Angels usually seek different forms of protein.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Angels are known to possess many powers and abilities that they are naturally born with and can learn to use them later on. They are known to be immortal; as well as possess invulnerability. Angels are also equaled in strength and speed with the Terranovians; they also possess heightened senses and even psychokinetic powers. Like their Terranovian counterpart; Angels are known to possess the power to defy gravity and even possess a degree of reality manipulation. One of the most unique powers that are seen; mostly in females is what others refer to as the Angel's Kiss; this power allows females to change the ones they truly love into Angels.


Aside from their powers & abilities; Angels are far from perfect beings and possess weaknesses. Angels are known to be vulnerable to Angels that are naturally born Angels; they are basically known to negate both their natural invulnerability. The acception to this rule is that any Angel that turns a human into an Angel; cannot have their invulnerability negated from them. Terranovians are also known to be the Angels' equal; however they cannot negate their invulnerabilities; however they are capable of killing each other.

Mating & BirthEdit

Like any average Human; Angels are known to possess the same form of reproduction. Usually; Angels are known to possess an extra sense in their eyes that allow them to seek their perfect mate. Usually if the Angel Male or Female looks back at the one who stares first; then they form a telepathic mating bond that binds them spiritually together as one mind and body. Once they have bonded spiritually; it means that they have become married.

They don't usually consummate marriage until after marriage; however after their marriage process, they would mate like a regular pair of human beings. The female is usually pregnant for a year to two years until giving birth to the offspring.

Angels usually mate every 2000 years of their lives; but there are in fact usually symptoms to show that they are starting their time to mate. The first symptom is usually changes in their habits and or behavior. Another symptom is a change in their diet. Usually if mating is not commenced; the Angel will lose their powers for a year.


The Technology of the Angels is known to be one of the most advanced technologies the universe has to offer. Most of it unfortunately has been either destroyed or stolen by the Militia. Fortunately however; other forms of their technology have in fact been discovered on other planets; leading archaeologists to believe that the Angels are not in fact dead; but on other planets.