The Anti-Fascist Resistance is a movement that has renounced the beliefs of the Fascirian Empire and the Nazi Regime that formed it. It is the only line of defense that is known to keep any other creature and land free on the planet of Fasciria.


One night in the year 1956; members of the Fascirian Schutzstaffel decided to level the playing field with the primitive race of beings that lost many warriors in the first assault on the planet. They managed to steal plenty of weapons, supplies and even a few vehicles; which also led to a fight during their escape.

Upon arriving at what was left of the village; the troops found the rest of the survivors living in a nearby cave. They assured them that they were their allies and that they would assist them as long as they breathed. For a while; they trained them with the weapons they brought and afterwards; they were ready for battle.

Striking A MatchEdit

The Anti-Fascists were already starting to fight by 1957 and within that time; started out with guerilla warfare. They not only killed Fasciran troops; but also stole anything of value; particularly weapons, ammo and even vehicles. They planned to use these resources for full scale attacks later on in their campaign.

As soon as they started strikes against their Fascist counterparts; it was brought to the attention of Wolfgang Adler, who ordered them seeked out and killed on the spot.

Guerilla tactics were used at least until 1960; that's when they started using skirmishes against the Fascirians. Later on when the skirmishes were seen more frequently; the Fascirians started reinforcing their security at outposts across the landscape.

The Anti-Fascists then struck a base 2 miles from their location and announced that war has begun between them and the oppressive Fascirian Empire. This was considered "Striking a Match" and since then; war was waged between them and the Fascirians.


By the year 2436; the Anti-Fascists were still battling the Fascirians, however by this year was also when they met their first ally. The Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom discovered them in battle; thinking that they were the Militia. The USS Warpstar was sent down to investigate the battle and discovered the Anti-Fascists. Aaron Carter and Claire Porter assisted them in the battle and that led to the Fascirians to retreat.

After their first fight alongside the I.A.F; Wolfgang decided to put up posters to boost Fascirian moral and make it so that they had everything under control.

Ever since they met the I.A.F; the Anti-Fascists have proven to be a loyal ally to them as they have been to them and have even started trade between each other.


Richard Wagner - The ride of the Valkyries from "Die Walküre"

Richard Wagner - The ride of the Valkyries from "Die Walküre"