Vital statistics
Planet of Origin Arachnis Prime
Type Government Democracy
Technological Standpoint Primitive
Powers & Abilities
  • Adhesives
  • Organic Spinnerets
  • Heightened Senses
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Superhuman Endurance
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Partial-Superhuman Durability
  • Retractable Stingers & Fangs
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Weaknesses
  • Conventional/Unconventional Weapons
  • Water (Sometimes)
  • Height/Length 5-6ft Tall
    Weight 200-300 lbs.
    Status Alive
    Arachnoids are an intelligent arachnid like humanoid that resides on the planet Arachnis Prime. They are in fact the first known arachnid like species that the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom has ever come across.


    Arachnoids were the product of splicing science which was started during the Jurassic Period in Earth time. They were created by Humans who became extinct on the planet when they put everyone under the same splicing experiment.

    They would later start developing their own culture and were guided by the entity known as The Architect.


    For centuries; the Arachnoids flourished and would later become the test subjects of the Militia. This later changed when the I.A.F arrived and started to search around for the Arachnoids' missing people. Aaron Carter, Taylor Jones and Lord Miles Dracula were dropped off by the USS Warpstar; which helped in searching for the missing Arachnoids in an abandoned facility 45 miles from Web City.

    They later found the Militia had gathered up research from the labs and were already starting to experiment with the splicing technology; turning them into large insects and even stronger Arachnoids. Shocked to discover this; Aaron and his group mobilized an army of Arachnoids, willing to fight and they attacked the facility. Despite being outrageously outgunned; Aaron and other I.A.F members used their powers to provide heavy artillery until the cavalry arrived.

    They managed to get down only half of the army and the Militia unleashed the over sized Titan Bugs which almost eradicated what was left of the Arachnoid army; however the I.A.F arrived just in time; as well as a member of the Asgard known to all as Thor. After the battle; the I.A.F was victorious and were allowed to establish a colony on the planet to protect the Arachnoid people.


    Arachnoids look Human; however sometimes are born with more than 2 arms. They are known to be durable to a degree; as well as possess incredible strength for their size. They are also able of producing organic webbing from their wrist above the top of each hand; which their webbing can hold a maximum of 2-3 tons. They also are known to be fast; as well as agile and possess extraordinarily fast reflexes. They also possess incredibly sharpened senses; capable of helping them find sustinence and even allow them sense when danger is near. They also have some incredible agility which allows them to catch prey. Their healing is also an amazing feet; allowing them to regenerate lost and damaged tissue. They also have retractable stingers that produce a non lethal, paralyzing toxin onto their victims whenever they feed and their fangs are what they use to feed on the blood of their victims. They are also known to possess a lifetime expectancy of 3-500 years. Because they are humanoid; Arachnoids are known to be incredibly intelligent and are indeed capable of speaking languages ranging from Human to even the language of the Asgard.

    Arachnoids are indeed vulnerable to conventional and unconventional weaponry. Sometimes however; certain Arachnoids are known to be vulnerable to water because they weren't born to be water based Arachnoids.


    Arachnoids are known to mate as humans; however sometimes don't produce offspring the same way. They are known to produce offspring 2 ways; the first one is when they give birth to live offspring like Humans. The second is when they produce a maximum of 2-5000 eggs and in turn; producing them via eggsacks.


    The Arachnoids are known to be that of a primitive technological species; however they do have incredible methods of architecture. Architecture is where they mostly make their homes out of webbing.

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