''I've been known by many names but most of you call me God, well humans do anyway. But I personally prefer The Architect" 

-- The Architect

The Architect is the source of all life and the strongest being in the universe. The Architect did not create the universe or its planets but he did create the species that lived on the planets, he created the Humans, Quatonaiens, Angels, Elves and various others. The Architect likes to keep himself hidden within the stars and likes to give his creations free-will and to solve their own ways in life his personal favorite species are the Angels and Quatonaiens as he finds their race so fascinating. The Architect also created various technological artifacts and locations and has placed them around the universe, his most notable artifact is: The Orb and his most notable location is The Inthus. He is also the ancestor of Cleptsii Davinion and various others.


The Architect wanted heirs although he knew he was immortal he decided others should share his power so one day on each planet he had children a son on Earth, a daughter on a planet located near Terranovia and a third son on the planet Quatonai, Terrae had descendants on Earth a notable one called Edward Allen, his third son: Eius had children and grandchildren and also descendants on Quatonai a notable one called Cleptsii. These children and descendants of The Architect maintained some of his powers and knowledge and were also capable of wielding his artifacts without becoming corrupted or losing their minds.