Argus Blackwater
Argus Blackwater
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin New Earth
Species Human
  • Founder of the Intergalactic Pirate Republic
  • Member of the Subiugo Order
  • Date of Birth 2479
    Date of Death 2528 (aged 48/49)
    Eye Color Brown
    Height 6'2
    Marital Status Single
    Status Deceased
    Weapons of Choice Plasma Sword


    Combat Training None (experience)
     "I embraced change. If you can't beat them join em"

    --Argus Blackwater

    Argus Blackwater was the founder of the Intergalactic Pirate Republic, a member of the Subiugo Order and captain of the Ferals Revenge. He was a mentor to the young pirate turned Custos Luke Conright, he eventually betrayed his own cause and joined the Subiugo Order in 2525 and he was killed by Luke Conright in 2528.


    Early LifeEdit

    Argus was born and raised in poverty on New Earth, 2497. When Argus was in his early twenties he formed a little gang where they committed thefts, eventually they became wanted men and so they stole a ship and escaped New Earth settling on an uninhabited planet called Ezom 6 and making it their base. Eventually more and more species joined his cause and he formed a group called the Intergalactic Pirate Republic.

    Meeting Luke ConrightEdit

    In 2522, while visiting New Earth, he encountered a young man by the name of Luke Conright. He remembered this boys face as an I.A.F soldier when he was battling them one day I.A.F, Luke told him that he had quit and was looking for work not recognizing Argus. Argus saw potential in this young man and recruited him to the Ferals Revenge, Argus served as a mentor to the young pirate and eventually made Luke quarter master (first mate) of the Ferals Revenge.

    Joining the Subiugo OrderEdit

    In 2526, more and more bounty hunters kept attacking Argus, eventually he was beaten by a heavily armed ship. Argus pleaded for his life and they eventually saw potential in this man and recruited him to their order. Argus kept this a secret from all of his comrades including Luke and Dog.


    In 2528 after years of being a Subiugo, his former student Luke had joined his groups arch enemy and so Argus knew he had to kill his former friend. Near the end of 2528, he encountered Luke and Luke had brought some Custos members with him but Argus wasn't alone either as he had members in his group to back him up and so a huge battle broke out. The Ferals Revenge battled The Adler but was heavily damaged and so The Adler and its crew boarded the Ferals Revenge, killed its crew and Argus and Luke dueled to the death, the duel ended with Luke stabbing Argus in the heart. Before dying Argus and Luke had a few words.

    Final WordsEdit

    • Argus: Damn...didn't think I'd get killed by a little shit like you *cough*.
    • Luke: Why? Why'd you do it?
    • Argus: I embraced change, if you can't beat them join em.
    • Argus: Better than *cough* dying I suppose.
    • Luke: You coward, to think I once admired you. All my respect for you dies here alongside you.

    (Argus then dies).

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