The Colonian BM-36 (Battle Musket 2436) is a select fire battle rifle used by the Colonial Blues in the year 2436. It is considered one of the most popular conventional rifle ever built.

Early StartEdit

By the year 2436; the Colonial Reds were already beating the Colonial Blues; but that all changed when the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom arrived. The Blues explained their current status to Aaron Carter and Adam Stetson; who took in the fact that they were not prepared well for battle. Aaron started constructing new weapons for them to use on the battlefield; which led to weapons like the SG-36, the Colonian AM-36 and even this weapon.

Once this weapon was introduced on the field; it proved to be an excellent long ranged weapon; that meant the troops were away from the Reds when they attacked them. The Reds were slaughtered by the Blues and that led to more victories to those possessing this new technology.


Ever since it's creation; the weapon was proven to be one of the most amazing pieces of conventional warfare in the universe.


  • This BM-36 is modified with a 20x120mm Under Slung Grenade Launcher & Scope
  • This BM-36 is modified with a scope and a barrel mounted bayonet
  • This BM-36 is modified with both a scope & suppressor mounted on the barrel's nozzle