Barry Samson
Barry Samson
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin Corpain
Species Human
  • Engineer at Samson Laboratories
  • Date of Birth November 16, 2402
    Age 27
    Eye Color
  • Brown
  • Height
  • 6'12
  • Family
  • Elias T. Samson (Father)
  • Marital Status Married
  • Sophia Lawson
  • Children
  • Status Alive


    Early LifeEdit

    Born Bartholomew Henry Louis Samson to Elias and Martha Samson, Bartholomew was given the nickname Barry by his Older Sister Michelle. Barry was the youngest child of 3 the eldest being Michelle and the middle Galen. At age 9 Barry's mother gave birth to Zachary making Barry the middle child. At age 11 Barry took an Interest in engineering and mechanics which he decided would be his topic of education at school.

    Wentworth AcademyEdit

    At the age of 16 Barry enrolled in Wentworth Academy and began studying Engineering and Mechanics. After a 3 year course Barry began working for the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom. Barry was to make energy weapons for them until Barry was called back home to Corpain.

    Samson LaboratoriesEdit

    To be Added...

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