Battle of Wensworth Academy was in fact one of the most famous and major battles between the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom, Sarkos Two-Balls and even the Fascirians.


Wensworth Academy, was a space station school located over New Earth within the Constellation Orion; within the orbit of the now known planet of Terranovia. The academy was the educational facility of the early Terranovians; including Archer C. Carter, Aissa Nova and Nick Wilson. The station served them for military training for their future battles.

Battle DurationEdit

Later on at 2:00pm; a red alert was declared by control due to the fact that a InVox-Class Plasma Missile was sent flying towards the station. Too late to knock down the missile; the 45x5ft missile impacted on the Academy's hull; causing the hull to rupture.

The hull was the main practice arena for young cadets and when it ruptured, many held on for dear life; however within a second; Nick Wilson was stuck in between 2 iron poles and he drifted into space. Archer C. Carter flew out and managed to save the life of his comrade. Later on Nick swore a life debt to him and afterwards they became friends.

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