Ben Allen
Ben Allen
Vital statistics
  • The Doctor
  • Planet of Origin
  • Earth
  • Species
  • Human
  • Occupation
  • Biologist
  • Date of Birth
  • March 8th,2410
  • Age
  • 20
  • Eye Color
  • Brown
  • Height
  • 5ft9
  • Weight
  • 212lbs
  • Family
  • Mark Allen (Decesaed Father)
  • Mary Allen (Mother)
  • Rebbeca Allen (Sister)
  • Will Allen (Brother)
  • Helena Allen (Grandomther)
  • Frank Allen(Grandfather)
  • B
  • Marital Status
  • Married
  • Spouse(s)
  • Michelle Allen
  • Children
  • Cecil Allen
  • Peter Allen
  • Lucy Allen
  • Alice Allen
  • Status
  • Alive
  • Portrayed By
  • Jamie Bell
  • "He is Saying to shut down your shields or he will kill the hostage" Ben translating to Aaron

    Benjamin "Flash" Allen is a Biologist on the ship USS Warpstar, he is a Childhood friend of Aaron Carter and friend of the Crew of the ship he is disliked by Aaron's Wife Claire Porter.


    Early LifeEdit

    Ben Allen grew up with a love for Plants, animals and Other Species. He also grew up with 4 siblings and a German Father but a American Mother. Ben and his father Mark who was a Biologist travelled to diffrent plantets when Mark caught a rare disease and died.

    Moving to AmericaEdit

    After Mark died, Martha Allen took Ben,Rebbeca,Will,Roger and Edward to Indiana to live with her parents Helena and Frank as well as her Brother Jack. Martha enrolled Ben into the best Kindergarten there was and eventually school.

    Meeting Aaron CarterEdit

    At school, Ben met fellow student Aaron Carter though he was 3 years younger than him,Ben became good friends with Aaron and the two would pretend to be Explorers, until Aaron moved away.

    Teenage YearsEdit

    Ben left University with a A+ in Chemistry a B+ in Enginerring B-  in Scienece and a A++ in Biology, Ben used his knowlege to build a ship which he named the USS Empire. Ben travelled the galaxy until his hip was captured by Sarkos Two-Balls. Ben was prisoner for 1 year until on his 20 birthday he broke free when a alien freed him to have his food. Ben killed many of Sarkos Henchmen he then confronted Sarkos who set the ship to crash into the nearest planet which would take 2 minuets. Ben beat Sarkos till he began bleeding but was rescued by Aaron before the ship crashed.

    USS WarpstarEdit

    Ben begame the Ships Doctor and was liked by everyone except Claire Porter, Ben tried to make her like him but she never did.

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