" There is Little to know about me but if theres one thing you need to its that with my Brains and Your Brawn we will be the Ultimate Team ."


Early LifeEdit

Callums Mother died an hour after he was born, besides that Callum nerver talked to his father as much as he did to his uncle as his Father was always away on bussness. Callum was turned to the life of science and was taken on many trips to other planets by his uncle. Once they went to Thessia where Callum met his Team-mate to be 12 year old Serron Devney.

Family ScarEdit

Gangster Sarkos Two-Balls kidnapped him when he was 13 years of age. His Father hired the best men in the world when an Mercenary by an unkown name saved him. Callum fled into the Mercenarys ship where he set a course for his home of the coast of Cuba. Callum prepared to destroy the building he was kept hostage in killling Two-Balls and the Mercenary. Callum fired the missile and accidently opened a Trophy room there he found the best weapons and newspaper clipings of titles like "Unknown Mercenary saves lives from a Time Bomb" or "Unknown Mercenery reavels Terrorist plot to kill Politician Thanns Maddox and Son". Callum realising that this Mercenary had saved his life countless times decided to save him from the burning building the Mercenarys Ship crashed infront of the house where Callum discovered that the Mercenary was his Uncle Thane.


Thane taught Callum how to use a variety of weapons but also how to fix and program Robots, ships and also how to fly them. Thane then told Callum that he was a Agent working for the I.A.F and that a Army know as the Militia wher out for the I.A.F. Callum met Emma Bryson a Class Mate and her Father Peter Bryson. Callum and Emma Bonded with Peter trying to break them up. Callum lead a Assult on a Militia Base which turned out to be the Bryson Home. Peter Killed many I.A.F Agents and broke Thanes Arm. Callum and Peter fought with Peter ripping off Callums Mask to see who he is. Peter brought Emma and showed her what Callum did, Peter having implanted the fact that the Militia is good and the I.A.F bad in Emmas head caused her to leave the room. Callum told Peter that there had been sevaral bombs planted in the house when one went off destorying the lower floor where Callum and Peter were. Callum escaped from his chains before the Blast while Peter survived the Blast having been injected with Nano-Bots. Peter broke Callums Leg infront of Emma and prepared to kill Callum when Thane broke through the door and stabbed Peter in the arm. Thane Told Callum to run with Emma while he thought Peter. Callum took Emma as they prepared to go up the stairs the were crushed by falling rocks. Callum used his Grapple to get them to saftey. Peter flew up to them reavelling his enhanced powers with Thane using his powers to catch up. Peter prepared to killl Emma and Callum but was stopped by Thane. Peter detonated the remaining bombs killing himself and putting the house at a angle where Thane fell to his death and Callum and Emma escaped barley with their lives before the house blew up.

New Earth Police ForceEdit

Callum left the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom and joined the New Earth Police Force, when Callum joined he was applied to arrest Aaron Carter. Callum hunted down many criminals making him Chief of Police he then trained his men into arresting Aaron Carter and killing Sarkos Two-Balls