"I spread this curse, the least I can do is help others control it"

--Carter Davidson

Carter Davidson is the first Werewolf in existence resulting from a failed experiment to replicate the Super Soldier Project. After becoming a Werewolf, Carter learned to control his inner wolf and eventually he became a member of the I.A.F and started his own division called "The Werewolf Division" in order to train young Werewolves to control their inner wolves.


Early LifeEdit

Carter was born on New Earth, in 2422. Little is known of his early life only that he was part of a big family.

Becoming a WerewolfEdit

In 2444, Carter had been fired from his job and needed work quickly so he applied for a job as a government test subject. They then tested a serum on him in hopes of replicating the Super Soldier Project but it was a failure, they kept Carter detained but on the full moon, Carter transformed into a wolf-like creature and killed everyone in the facility.

Joining the I.A.FEdit

Carter WolfForm2

Carter in wolf form

Prior to the events, Carter had infected many more people starting a new population of creatures, Carter was also homeless but he was found by the I.A.F and offered a place due to his "abilities" he agreed and spent the next two years trying to control his inner wolf, he eventually did. After learning to control his inner wolf, Carter asked if he could start his own division to help others like him, the I.A.F agreed.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Carter is considered the biggest and baddest Werewolf of them all due to him being the first Werewolf many other Werewolves look up to him. He possesses: Superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman endurance/stamina, superhuman reflexes/agility, partial invulnerability, heightened senses and accelerated healing. But now that Carter is at peace with his inner wolf he can now transform during the day too.


Although Carter is the strongest Werewolf in existence, he extremely vulnerable to silver.