Colonial Reds
Vital statistics
Founder(s) King William of Reington
Planet of Origin Britannica
Species Humanoid
Not. Members
  • James Wellington
  • Founded In 1920
    Technological Standpoint Primitive
    Mission Oppress the Colonial Blues
    Government Type Monarchy
  • Colonial Blues
  • Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom
  • The Colonial Reds (A.K.A "The Red Bastards") are a race of Humanoids that are sentient to the planet of Britannica.


    According to their history; the Colonial Reds were created by the year 1920 in Earth years. Their king was given sole power over them and when manufacturing new weapons for their military; he started taxing the civilians unjustly. This angered a very large group leading to a revolt and that sparked very intense attitudes between each other.

    By 1921; they started a campaign against an unsuspecting Colonial Blues' town; leading to a large battle which scattered the Blues throughout the planet of Britannica.


    By the year 2436; the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom arrived on the planet; that's when the Redcoats started to become outgunned when Aaron Carter improved the weapons of their enemy. When their new weapons were used on the battlefield; the Redcoats were beaten to a pulp.

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