Connor Matthews is the older brother of Eric Matthews and he is a mercinary and target of Aaron Carter. He used to work on the USS Warpstar before being booted by Aaron for stealing Core Parts.

Early lifeEdit

Connor was raised in a broken home, his parents had just got a divorce and his father won custody of Connor his Twin Robert and their older brother William. Connor and his family (excluding his brothers Eric and Anthony and their mother) were broke, so broke that their father brought them into a life of crime where the father went down for Murder and Theft while William was arrested for Arson. Connor escaped the life of crime when the police gave his brother and him a second chance, though his Robert stayed in the life of crime and was later arrested for dealing drugs.

USS WarpstarEdit

Connor trained at the police cadets for 9 years and left when he was 27, following his new life he landed himself a job on the USS Warpstar where he monitored the core, while monitoring the guns he heard voices in his head of his father who was telling him to steal parts of the core. Connor ignored them till they ran around his head and he couldn't take it any more.