Necros 5
Vital statistics
System Septimus System
Class Planet M
  • 69% Nitrogen;30% Oxygen;1% Argon;1% Other (Carbon Dioxide, Water, etc.)
  • Terrain Mostly Gardens and Snow
    Intelligent Beings
  • Zombies;Humans
  • Number of Moons 2
    Climate 20-40 Degrees
    Natural Resources Gellix
    Number 2

    Physical CharacteristicsEdit

    Coming Soon


    Coming Soon


    • Minot - Considered the Capital of Corpain it is a tourist attraction for its lovely gardens and museums. The Corpain Embassy is stationed here.
    • Port Riva - Port Riva serves as a Dock where Imports are brought in and Exports are sent out or where people can hire or use their own Boat or Yacht and sail out in the open sea.
    • Samson Laboratories - A giant lab up in the mountains of Corpain where the Samson family resides and where their workers research the planet, the universe and create weapons and equipments for the I.A.F.


    Cprpain has 2 moons, one quarter of the planet called Ren and another half of that called Sorus.

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