"Their like Assassins from that game in the 21st century and Jedi Knights combined into one accept they don't have telekinisis"

--Dog Loganson

The Custos Order was a formerly notorious group established in 11th Century. In 1256, the Custos Order tricked the universe into believing they had disbanded but they actually became a secret order. They are currently in a secret century old war with the Subiugo Order a group that wants order and control, everything the Custos stand against. Their most notable weapon is the Plasma Sword.



The Custos Order was formed by a group of freedom fighters in the 11th century, while Earth was still in its prime. A year after its birth, another group called the Subiugo Order came along with opposite ideals to Custos and demanded order. The Custos went into a secret battle with the group, the ongoing battle has lasted for centuries.

Fake CollapseEdit

In 1256, the group announced that they would be disbanding but this was a lie, they actually moved planets and became a secret order distinguishing themselves by wearing hoods. In 2100 when space travel was finally in operation, they relocated on the small planet Kazak Prime.

Dress CodeEdit

Custos dress code

A Custos in their traditional garnments

Since the Custos are a secret order, they need a way to identfify each other and so the dress code was made, they were allowed to where anything they wanted but just wear a hood.


The Custos may be a force for good and peace but they still need to eliminate their enemies. Traditional Custos use melee weapons but more modern Custos use melee and assault.

List of Known WeaponsEdit