Cybotroop (Commander)
  • Cybotroop(Above)
  • Cybotroop Commander (Below)
  • Vital statistics
    Planet of Origin Ulton 5
    Type Government Militaristic Utopia
    Technological Standpoint Advanced
    Powers & Abilities
  • Cybernetic Immortality
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Cybernetic Senses
  • Weaknesses
  • Electricity
  • Terranovian Weaponry
  • Height/Length 7ft
    Weight 300 lbs
    Status Active
    Cybotroops are a cybernetic race of beings known to be a threat among the universe. They are in fact on of the major enemies of the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom; as well as the Militia.


    Cybotroops were said to have come around according to Earth's clock; during the 1960s. They were designed by an extinct human race known as the Utopians. They created them in order to have a formidable and indestructible force against any known alien race that arrived on their planet.

    Rebellion of the CybotroopsEdit

    An alien known as Operandi arrived on the planet and managed to gain control of the Cybotroops in order to turn on their creators. This led to the extinction of the Utopians and the start of Operandi's reign as their new leader.

    2436 Edit

    By the year 2436; the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom set down on Ulton 5; searching for the Militia. They sent Aaron Carter and Archer C. Carter to the planet on board an X-267 Quadstar; where they spied on the Militia actually engaging Several Cybotroops. Aaron and Archer actually assisted in taking them down and both sides worked together until they could leave. Militia members Norman and Danica Dennis were the only 2 left and they came aboard the USS Warpstar when Aaron called for it.

    Sooner than they thought; Cybotroop vessels were in orbit; battling the I.A.F and the Militia vessels. The Terranovians arrived in their ships as well and managed to defeat the onslaught of Cybotroop vessels. The Militia left before picking up their comrades and so both Norman and Danica rid themselves of their Militia badge and gained a new one.

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