Diana Dowanhowee
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin Earth
Species Human (Augmented with Mystical Capabilities Because of Necklace)
Occupation Member of the I.A.F
Date of Birth March 25, 2417
Age 19
Eye Color Brown
Powers & Abilities (Powers from her Necklace)
  • Enhanced Human Strength
  • Enhanced Human Speed
  • Enhanced Human Healing
  • Enhanced Human Durability
  • Enhanced Human Leap
  • Enhanced Human Durability
  • Enhanced Human Endurance/Stamina
  • Enhanced Human Agility/Reflexes
  • Weaknesses Superhumans
    Height 5ft 6
    Weight 100 lbs
    Marital Status Single
    Status Alive
    Combat Training
  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Expert Archer
  • Expert Marksman
  • Master of Stealth
  • Master of Melee Combat/Melee Weapons
  • "If you think I was born a prisoner and a slave? you can think again!"

    Diana Dowanhowee is a member of the Sioux Native Americans and on of the oldest friends of Aaron Carter. She was born on the planet Earth.

    Early LifeEdit

    Diana was born in a small settlement of Sioux Native Americans in North Carolina; this place like most of the US was under the control of the New Earth Police Force and were already seeking her tribe. When her mother gave birth; NWP troops found Diana's tribe, then arrested her parents and her. They were placed in prison because they considered the Native Americans enemies of the state. By age 5, her parents discovered a way for her to escape and so one night in December, they got her food and got her out of the prison to seek help. She found Aaron by 19 and asked him for assistance in freeing her people. He agreed to the terms and headed for Earth in the USS Warpstar. They cloaked the ship and they arrived in the prison that was holding her people captive. Aaron took down and distracted security while Diana freed her people from their cells and managed to get them into the ship. They got out of there and managed to found a suitable planet where they started a new villiage under one government.

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