The E-Luger P36 (Energie Luger Pistole 2436) is a semi-automatic energy pistol that is manufactured by Humans.

Early StartEdit

By the year 2436; humans around the world were seeking a new pistol that would give them a tactical advantage on the battlefield. They searched within the library of Earth's past weapons in search of the new pistol; thats when they found the vintage Luger P08. The weapon was the perfect design and so within several months; the weapon was produced and was approved by the Department of Defense as their new sidearm.


The weapon is known to be a semi-automatic pistol that fires instead of conventional ammunition; it fires energy from Quartzanium. The magazine has a quartzanium shard inside shaped in the form of a rectangle; allowing it to fit into the magazine. When the hammer is pulled and hits the quartzanium, the weapon's ammo is loaded and it continues until the crystal is used up. It reloads like the original Luger P08. When the round exits the chamber; it is usually hit with a quick charge of electricity, causing it to fly out of the barrel.