Elves (A.K.A "Tolkenians") are an ultra-terrestrial species of humanoid that is from a planet close to the center of the universe.


When the universe was created, Elves and other ultra-terrestrial species started to form and take shape. They learned how to build, create cities and even their own language within 20 years of their existance. They later learned to create defenses to protect themselves against enemies more powerful than them.

Visitors from BeyondEdit

By the 2400s; the USS Katanga managed to visit the planet of Tolken 4 after they managed to breech the universal barrier of worth; thanks to a young Aaron Carter. Once they arrived on the planet; they were greeted by an elf named Elessar Lúinwë; who was very hospitibal towards them by inviting them into his home. They stayed for 4 days and in that time; Aaron learned their language and even gave them a new method of warfare; The EG-2000.


By the year 2436; The Warpstar was engaging Odin-Class Attackers in order to protect the barrier of worth; thats when the attackers blasted the ship into the barrier. The ship managed to get through the barrier without any further damage and Serron Devney regained control of the ship before it crashed on the planet. He landed the craft and once on the planet; Elves on the planet offered to repair the ship while the others stayed on the planet for a while. Aaron found and met up with Elessar and his wife Aegnor; who were happy to see him. They were invited into their home and stayed there for several days until the ship was repaired. During that time; the Elven Republic requested their guest's presence within their house of representatives where they wished to know why they were there and Aaron explained the whole thing. That night after saving the king and his family from Night Elves; Aaron; Claire Porter and Archer C. Carter were given a great honor; the honor of the barrier; allowing them and any of their friends to enter the barrier without the use of their worth. Later on after hearing of Aaron and his comrades; leading Night Elf Lólindir Elensar ordered an attack upon the main Elf City of Narmyth. During the attack; Aaron battled Lólindir and they managed to drive his forces back into the heart of his castle. Afterwards; the Warpstar was repaired and the crew said their goodbyes; but that also led to the Elves joining the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom.


Elves are humanoid in nature and of different colored skin like human beings and have the same skeletal structure as the humans as well. There are only minor differences with Elves; such as their ears; which are in fact pointed. their eyes are known to be different colors; even colors that are not common to humans.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Elves are known to have several natura powers that are common and rare. All Elves; including half-Elves are immortal and compared to the average human being; are stronger and faster than them. Some are known to possess strength and speed that exceeds the average elf and ranging in superhuman levels. Some of their most rare powers are the power of foresight and flight; where a moderate amount of elves have the power of accelerated healing.


Elves can in fact be killed by any conventional or unconventional weapon if they have no accelerated healing.

Mating & BirthEdit

Like Humans, Terranovians and any other Humanoid that looks more human; Elves mate the same way and give birth the same way. They usually mate once every year; however can wait a few years before they mate and that allows them to mate 3-10 times a year; depending how many years the couple wait to mate. Also when they mate; it's usually on the day of their wedding anniversary; which makes it feel more spiritual and pleasurable for both the males and females.


Elves are known to be highly advanced in technology and possess advance techniques to help them in their everyday lives. They are known to make the some of the finest weapons in the universe today; they also have mastered creating machines that are purely with their planet; however are used to defend them. They are also known to possess amazing elixirs that heal any elf, human and other species. The armor used by the military is known to be very powerful and made with an alloy superior to that of Diamontanium.


One of the most iconic elements of the Elves is their lifestyle and their culture. They are said to have one of the most amazing lifestyles within the whole universe.


Elves are known to have monotheistic beliefs; where they worship the universe, calling it Fingolfin.


The clothing of the Elves are known to be that of medieval dresses and robes; as well as cloaks. The soldiers wear medieval fashioned armor that is made from their amazing metals.


The currency of the Elves is known to be that of gold and silver ingots only an inch long.


The architecture of the Elves is said to be one of the most stunning accomplishments of their culture. They are said to make some of the largest and most breathtaking buildings and houses in the universe.

Courtship & MarriageEdit

The dating and marriage between elves are said to be an amazing experience. Usually when a male and or female is at the age of 25; they have reached their adulthood and that is their time to seek out a mate. Usually when they seek their mate; their mate must be of the same birth month as they are or of the same astrological sign as they are. Once they find the one; they usually court for at least 2 or 4 months before marrying. In some cases; when children are born in the same family and of the same month or astrological sign; they are known to marry at the age of 25; meaning that relations between siblings is not considered unethical or wrong. When it comes to brother and sister relationships; the 2 siblings are encouraged to tell their parents; many cases it's acceptable and other times it depends on the parents as to wether or not they are suitable to become husband and wife. Upon the wedding day; the groom and bride wear all white; the groom wears white robes with a white that can be almost like flash bang grenades in eyes of other beings. The bride wears a white dress with the same color but wears a hooded veil and cloak over her head and face. A minister binds their hands in marriage like the the medieval weddings and after exchanging vows; the groom unveils the bride and they kiss. Afterwards; they hold an amazingly large reception for the couple and the next night, they spend their honeymoon wherever they choose.


The weapons of the Elves are various; ranging from knives, swords and spears to bows, crossbows and even assault weapons. They didn't achieve Energy weapons until Aaron Carter gave them a new design; now almost every guard has one; however others prefer the uses of bows and crossbows; as well as melee weapons.


Elves are known to have a very amazing diet that involves mostly bread and vegetables; basically a vegetarian's delight.


Elves are said to have an interesting library; that depicts every race, person, events and even personal journals of other fellow elves. The libraries are usually run by the most wisest of elves.