"Where is the man who created me,Why did he create me"

Evan Archer was a Teenager who was murderd by a one of Sarkos Two-Balls goons,His father who could not rest stole his sons hand from the dead body and took it to unlicensed doctor who managed to create a clone with only one fault he knew he was a clone and he wanted anwsers.There was only two men who could give Evan the anwsers he needed Serron Devney and Aaron Carter.

Early LifeEdit

Evan lived in Canada, but later ran away from home because of how his parents argued all the time,he discoverd a sphere like devise that conatianed a Codex along with a Dying alien who told Evan to "'keep the Codex away from from Sarkos".Evan having no idea who or What Sarkos was hid the Codex in his bedroom until the police came to his house asking if they had seen any strange activity in the are.The Codex escaped and Evan chased to the hide out of Sarkos Two-Balls.Sarkos and his goons chased Evan to a corner where Evan was about to give it to Sarkos but was shot by one of the goons.Sarkos fled before he could take the codex.Evan's father horrified at the news investigated the death when he found a bloody cube that he kept along with the hand of his dead son.


Evan's father took the Codex and hand to unlicensed doctor Peter Maximorff,Peter put the hand in a Cloning Vat and broke the codex into a gas before inserting it into Evan's Clone before waking him.