Evan Matheson
Evan Matheson
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin Earth
Species Human
  • Ex N.E.S.O
  • New Earth Police Force
  • Date of Birth June 5, 2415
    Age 21
    Eye Color Brown
    Height 6ft 7
    Weight 216lbs
  • Henry Matheson (Brother)
  • Eli Matheson (Grandfather)
  • Frank Matheson (Brother)
  • Michael Matheson (Brother)
  • Roger Matheson (Father)
  • Amy Matheson (Sister)
  • Laura Matheson (Sister)
  • Megan Matheson (Sister)
  • Ashley Matheson (Sister)
  • Julie Matheson (Mother)
  • Camille Matheson (Grandmother)
  • Marital Status Married
    Weapons of Choice
  • BlasteR
  • Ron'Tar
  • Portrayed By Chris Pine

    Evan Matheson is a Ex New Earth Special Operatives and New Earth Police Force Cop.


    The Son of two doctors, Evan is the middle child of Roger and Julie Matheson. When Evan was 6 his Father and Mother moved out of their small apartment and to their Grandparents Manor where they would spend all their childhood. Evan once discovered a secret room behind his bookshelf inside the room concealed of weapons and explosives which he identified from WWIII

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