The Ferals Revenge
Ferals Revenge
Produced In: New Earth
Type Vehicle:
  • Battle Cruiser
  • Freighter
  • Width: 80 meters
    Height/Depth: 80 meters
    Length: 200 meters
    Weight: Approx:200,000,000 tons
    Armor: Unknown
    Manufacturer: Unknown
    Country of Origin: New Boston, New USA
    Crew: 20
  • Plasma Turrets (5 aft, 5 forward)
  • Lock On Nuclear Missile (10 Port Side, 10 Starboard Side)
  • Special Devices:
  • Hyperdrive System
  • Cloaking Device
  • Quantum Wormhole Drive
  • Deflector Shield Generator (4)
  • Service Length: Pre-2500 - 2528
    Power Source:
  • Unknown Battery

  • The Ferals Revenge was a pirate ship captained by the notorious pirate Argus Blackwater. It was originally an unknown rich person's ship but was stolen by Argus in 2501. The ship was destroyed by Luke Conright and the Custos' in 2528.


    The ship originally belonged to an unknown merchant but was stolen by Argus Blackwater in 2501. He renamed the ship the Ferals Revenge out of his respect for the species the Alpha Ferals. It was then his ship for many years during his pirate days but after Argus joined the Subiugo Order the ship was used for their purposes, after 2 years of serving the order the ship was ultimately destroyed by The Adler.

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