The Freedom-Class Flagship is the primary flagship vessel of the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom. It is made for multiple uses; including combat and commanding officers.

Early StartEdit

The Freedom-Class started back in 2437 as a prototype ship named the USS Poseidon under the command of the Captain Gordon Klink ordered that Adam Stetson be his first officer. Upon testing the new ship, it became ambushed by Fascirians and their Odin-Class Attackers. Captain Klink was killed in the attack and that left the ship in the hands of Adam; who ordered the ship to engage the enemy and contact the other ships for reinforcements. The USS Warpstar, along with Heaven's RavenKing Viper X-200 and X-267 Quadstar fighters assisted in the defense of the Poseidon and managed to destroy 57 enemy ships. After the events of that day; the ship was later locked in a battle that made the ship more frightening to the enemy than they anticipated; when the Poseidon engaged a Fascirian Horten 2436 Reich Star Battlecruiser. The I.A.F's battlecruiser was damaged moderately; but it proved to be a strong ship when it blasted it's damaged star collider cannons at the Horten and crippled it's hull; causing it to implode on itself. Once the ship was destroyed; the Poseidon returned for repairs and was back in the fight within 2 weeks.

Freedom-Class FlagshipsEdit

  • USS Poseidon
  • USS Scimitar
  • USS Washington