The Hawk
The Hawk
Produced In: Quatonai
Type Vehicle:
  • Battle Cruiser
  • Freighter
  • Width: 80 meters
    Height/Depth: 80 meters
    Length: 200 meters
    Weight: Approx:200,000,000 tons
    Armor: Unknown
    Manufacturer: Unknown
    Country of Origin: Unknown Quatonaien City
    Crew: 15
  • Plasma Turrets (5 aft, 5 forward)
  • Lock On Nuclear Missile (10 Port Side, 10 Starboard Side)
  • Special Devices:
  • Hyperdrive System
  • Cloaking Device
  • Quantum Wormhole Drive
  • Deflector Shield Generator (4)
  • Service Length: Pre-2500 - Present
    Power Source:
  • Unknown Quatonaien Battery

  • The Hawk is a legendary ship and known as the main transport for Cleptsii Davinion and his friends in 2519-2529. Its first captain was Cleptsii Davinion but after he was elected President of Quatonai in 2529, he made his closest friend Durrankar captain in his place. The ship after the Quatonaien Civl War was used for special/secret missions ordered by Cleptsii.


    Quatonaien Civil WarEdit

    The Hawk was originally a Daemon battle ship and judging by her appearance in 2519, she had been in many space battles. In 2519 while escaping prison Cleptsii and his friends stole the ship and escaped the planet with her. Cleptsii liked her and decided to rename her The Hawk due to his love for hawks on New Earth. The Hawk was mostly used for transportation to different planets in The Quest for The Artifacts although she was tracked down and attacked by other Daemon fighters she came out victorious.


    After the war, Cleptsii made his close friend Durrankar the captain of The Hawk and Durrankar made his girlfriend Dikania First Mate. The Hawk was mainly used for secret missions ordered by Cleptsii or personal missions for Durrankar. The crew of The Hawk had also expanded to 15 members after the war.

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