The Heinkel 270 (Blitz Seitschritt or Lightning Strafer) is a fighter bomber developed by the Fascirians. It is in fact one of the fastest fighter bombers and the first fighter bomber developed by the WW.

Early StartEdit

To start off the new Fascirian Space Force or WW; scientists and aviation designers designed a new craft that was to be used for both air combat and strafing runs. They soon created the Heinkel 270. As soon as the trials of the prototype were underway; they proved that the craft was a superb air and starfighter, as well as an extremely fast bomber.

It was also later designed to possess the new Bifrost-Class Hyperdrive System which made it a major threat to many fighters.

Present DayEdit

Since it's creation; the Heinkel 270 has remained the WW's most reliable fighter against the Fascirian Enemies.