"Humans are like our little brother, less smart and less advanced but we help them in anyway we can."
Quatonaiens on Humans

Humans are a known race of beings created by The Architect, they are known for their amazing, miraculous ways of surviving extinction. Due to long term isolation in space, humans took a variety of evolutionary paths such as the Terranovians.



Humans were created by the Architect to inhabit Earth in the year 0. The Humans were a close-minded race not believing in the existence of other races and believed they were the center of the universe, other species considered Humans hard-headed and rude for this trait. Humans spent years creating new technologies and discovering new things and by the 22nd Century, Humans finally accepted the possibilities of other lifeforms and went to explore and they eventually discovered many planets and allied with them.

The Great Flood and New EarthEdit

In 2248 a huge wave flooded the Earth forcing the Humans to evacuate eventually leading them to find their new home New Earth still being their home to this day.


Terranovians are an offshoot of Humans who colonized Terranovia. Through generations of genetic modification, Terranovians physically enhanced their own biology to give themselves a variety of remarkable natural abilities. Because of this, the Terranovians proclaim themselves as more advanced than their human ancestors.


Humans, although physically weaker than even other animals on Earth, are known for being highly adaptable. As superhuman strength cannot be activated voluntarily, most humans simply rely on their wit to survive in their environment. Rather than relying on natural abilities, humanity needed to create their own tools. As a result, humans can survive in virtually any environment. Early humans were more susceptible for diseases, though advanced in medical technology have largely eliminated much of the risk.

Humans are also biped which means that they use up less energy than quadrupeds when walking. Humans make up for their lack of speed with their endurance. When hunting or catching animals, humans relied on tiring out their opponents by getting them to use up all of their strength.

In extreme circumstances when a human is in a dire, fight or flight situation, their adrenaline levels go off the charts allowing them to see objects in slow motion and even lift automobiles off the ground. However, a human cannot voluntarily go into this mode as a safeguard against permanent muscle damage.