The Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom is a major democratic galactic union, ratified in the interest of economic, social and military cooperation between its members. They are currently engaged in armed conflict with several races, all of which have posed aggression and refused to accept the terms of peaceful coexistence with the union, ether due to religious or political matters and standpoints.

The union has its primary base of operations and its summit in the Alpha Centauri system, but holds many events off-world on planets such as Thessia and New Earth. Notable species include Humans, Terranovians, Greys and Kinetians.


The union was originally a grouping of treaties and joint operation proposal s between the New Earth and Terranovian empires, shortly after the latter's creation and subsequent advance in development.

The original alliance began to fracture when the NEE began to horde resources, as they did not fully trust their so called allies. At a critical point during this period of tension, several small groups of Terranovian militants instigated terrorist attacks on major cities across New Earth. With the assistance of other, sympathetic Terranovians (the Carter family for example), the terrorists were eventually dealt with. After ten years of continued tension, the Greys expressed interest in joining with both empires in a larger, more militaristic union in order to combat the rising antagonistic governments in the galaxy. Several more treaties were ratified before the union was finally established.

Five years after this event, the Kinetians became an ally, and later a member of the union, provoking fierce retaliation from it's opposition. Since this event, several major conflicts with various species have erupted due to the differing standpoints of the union and the opposing governments that arose following the former's radical action against smaller governments still engaged in what the union considers highly distasteful social and political affairs such as slavery and segregation. The Militia, for example, directly accused the union of infringing the rights of those worlds to choose what policies they adopt.

With the rise of new absolutist and actively hostile races and other alliances intent on galactic dominion, the union rapidly developed its military in order to defend itself. Fortunately, the attentions of their new enemies was focused on their conflicts with larger civilizations, some of which have since joined the union or have assimilated various smaller factions to become the larger factions known today. After a joint declaration, the Human and Terranovian empires assumed direct control over first contact and other diplomatic duties. This led to the disintegration of various small alliances with worlds opposed to the ideals of these two nations, at which point they left the union. Many more nations joined the union in spite of this, but maintain distance from the more idealistic nations as to not invoke disputes.

After a long period of stagnated growth, the union decided to remove the policies that prevented them from expanding. Because of this, the Terranovians began taking a more direct route in their diplomacy, without the backing of the union. At present, several wars still rage with the antagonistic worlds that arose previously. The Terranovians have maintained their status as a member of the union, but do not participate in diplomatic matters. Some of them, such as the Carter family, have resolved to work more directly with the union, as peacekeepers and ambassadors, among other duties.