The Intergalactic Pirate Republic are a group of various species from across the galaxy that unite to destroy all governments and embrace freedom. They have pure intentions but their way of doing things are criminal acts such as stealing cargo, destroying any government ships. They have a common goal with the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom of freedom but their ways of doing things are totally different and so they do not ally and spend most of their time fighting eachother.



In 2501, after being raised in poverty and tired of being treated like dirt the young man named Argus Blackwater formed a mini gang and would steal things from the government eventually they became wanted men on New Earth and so they escaped to an uninhabited and very small planet and named it Ezom 6. It would later be the base of all pirates. As the years went by more and more people started to join their cause. They committed thefts and would always attack government ships on site they then named themselves the Intergalactic Pirate Republic.