"I am a Soldier and a Survivor"

Jason Carter is the Brother of Aaron Carter and Lennox Carter he is very fond of his Sister in Law Claire Porter and his Adopted Niece Lexi Dalton. He is a Member of the I.A.F and Crewmember of the USS Warpstar. He is Public Enemy Number 3 in the Militia the first two being his brothers



Jason was only 13 Months when his Parents died his father put in his will for Jason to be raised by his next of kin which was his Brother Oliver and his wife Paige. Oliver made sure that Jason did not know of his Heritage and that he thought he was their son.

The Truth and SepirationEdit

Oliver, Paige and Jason where Evicted from their house when Jason was 13 and sent to a Refugee camp where Oliver told Jason the truth causing Jason to run away he returned with fish to see Militia destroying the camp he returned in time to see Oliver and Paige be killed.

Reuniting with his BrotherEdit

When Jason was 16 he broke the law of his Town which was run by The Militia, Jason enterd Restricted Perimeters and was Arrest by Militia Drones he was taken back to their village. Jason was then beaten in a Bar for being Idiotic though he stood his ground many men ganged up on him causing a Man to help him. The two used the same moves scaring everyone else. Aaron took some of Jasons Blood and returned to the Warpstar where he found a match and that Jason was his Brother. Aaron arrested Jason in front of his Village before beaming him onboard the Warpstar.

Becoming Part of the I.A.FEdit

Jason trained to be a Soldier passing all his Exams when he became a Crewman of the Warpstar, on his first Flight the ship was captured by The United States Goverment upon which Serron Devney was a Member. Jason, Aaron, Claire, Burt, Taylor and Ben were arrested; Jason broke out and joined a Team known as The Wreckers. Jason and The Wreckers planned to stop Aaron, Claire, Burt, Taylor and Ben's execution. Jason used one of the Wreckers Ships to Crash into the Headquaters.

Saving his FamilyEdit

Jason ejected from his ship and killed many New Earth Police Force members before coming face to face with Chief of Police Callum Maddox. Claire Porter was kidnapped by one of the Police members and taken upstairs to a building where he planned to kill her. Jason and Callum fought in which Jason knocked him out and entered the collapsing building to save his sister in law. Jason was froze to a wall by the policeman when they were saved by Serron Devney who knocked out the policeman and saved the two Carter members.