King Viper X-200
King Viper X-200
Produced In: 2436
Type Vehicle: Fighter/Bomber
Width: 17.60 (Wingspan)
Height/Depth: 15 5½
Length: 50 ft 4¾ in
Weight: 19558 lbs
Armor: Diamantillium Alloy
Manufacturer: Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom
Country of Origin: USA
Crew: 2
  • Bow Plasma Cannons (4)
  • Concealed Aft Plasma Cannons (2)
  • Quantum Bombs (Max Payload:20-50 Bombs)
  • Special Devices:
  • Cloaking Device
  • Hyperdrive System
  • Deflector Shield Generator
  • Service Length: 2436-Present
    Power Source: Dritanium Crystals

    The King Viper X-200 is the main bomber and a fighter of the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom.

    Early StartEdit

    Once Aaron Carter joined as a member of the I.A.F, he started manufacturing numerous air/spacecraft and even weapons including the X-267 Quadstar. He soon realized the vital importance of a new and improved bomber for combat and make it also a superb fighter in the air and in space. The result was the King Viper X-200 and it was a major success to enemies like the Fascirians and even the Zarchonian gang led by Sarkos Two-Balls.

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