The Korean Empire is a faction that possesses plans to dominate the entire universe under their control.


By the 2340's, the North Koreans lost their land when they started a vicious campaign; attempting to conquer all of the asian countries on Earth. Russia intervened and launched Hydrogen ICBMs at North Korea; taking out most of it's population. Russia conquered what remained of North Korea and converted it into a federation; leading to many surviving North Koreans to seek building a new empire under communist rule.

Several North Koreans got a hold of space technology and reverse engineered it to be the primary engines in their remaining aircraft; leading to them escaping from Earth and heading through the stars to find a planet to conquer. They were frozen for the next 5 years until they discovered an Earth-like planet in the Andromeda Galaxy's southern spiral arm and found the planet that would suit their needs to create an empire.

Upon landing; the North Koreans placed their flag upon the soil of their new planet; then 5 years later, the North Koreans conquered the intelligent and semi-primitive race of beings called the Korians. The Korians built the empire's main city within a 2 month timespan. Soon after 3 years; the primary city of the Korean Empire was completed, armed and fortified to protect their leader.


By the early years of the battle against the Militia; the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom started seeking any kind of possible ally that would assist their primary enemy. The USS Warpstar was sent towards the Andromeda Galaxy where it reported seismic activity made not naturally; but by conventional bombs. The ship landed where Aaron Carter, Claire Porter and Adam Stetson found the Korean Empire. The three were caught but not captured because the weapons of the Korean Troops were ineffective against their powers. This spooked the Korean Empire's leader Duck-Young Shin; who ordered that they send their entire fleet after the I.A.F. When the fleet was dispatched; the I.A.F was taken by surprise when Korean ships attacked them; leading to an all out dogfight and ship battle. The Warpstar was able to dispatch 4 battleships and damage 2 Heavy Cruisers; this led to the retreat of the Korean fleet and the victory against the Korean Empire.


By mid-year; the Korean Empire seeked a way to get back at the I.A.F and had barely enough of a fleet that led to them feeling as though their revenge would be short lived. The Militia discovered their thirst for revenge and assisted them with some new weapons, ships and the location of the I.A.F. The Korean Empire headed and attacked the I.A.F fleet; this time destroying 4 small cruisers and damaging 2 Battlecruisers. They managed to dispatch troops and boarded the Warpstar; that led to a large battle. After getting to the bridge; Aaron started utilizing psychology against them; stating that the Militia was just using them and that they would destroy them when they finished with the I.A.F. The Korean Empire turned on their ally and started a small conflict against themselves and the Militia while the I.A.F escaped. This led to the on and off partnership with the Militia.


By mid October; the Korean Empire discovered the Fascirians on the planet Fasciria; where they formulated an alliance against the I.A.F, however Duck-Young Shin had his doubts. The Fascirians proved themselves a very loyal ally of the Korean Empire when they gave them their saucer and weapon's technology. After a while they launched small skirmishes against Sarkos Two-Balls and the I.A.F; however were defeated and yet the Fascirians proved to be a loyal ally of the Korean Empire.


The Korean Empire still remained an empire by the year 2460 and upon gaining intelligence of the Terranovians led by Archer C. Carter; New Korean leader Jung Kwan ordered a search for the Terranovians; believing that this new lifeform could be a threat to his people.

Koreans Vs TerranoviansEdit

Almost mid-year; the Korean Empire found the Terranovian Empire upon their planet of Terranovia. Jung Kwan ordered that his troops invade and conquer the Terranovian Empire and he sent thousands of his ships towards the planet.

Archer was warned about the Korean Empire and he ordered an all out offensive against their forces. Armed and ready for battle; Archer prepared for the Fascirians and the Korean forces; leading to them waiting for the Korean Forces to attack first. Upon landing; their forces stepped out attacking the Terranovians; however their weapons proved ineffective against the Terranovian's armor as well as power of invulnerability. Archer ordered an all out attack; which left the Korean forces to pack up and leave while Archer's chivalry allowed the remaining forces to retreat after proving the Terranovian superiority over their planet.


  • Korean Troops training on Korea 1