Alexis "Lexi" Dalton is the daughter of the late Peter and Lisa Dalton, as well as younger sister to the late Felix Dalton. She is a native of the planet Necros 5, where she mostly spent most of her early life.

Early LifeEdit

Lexi was born in a city of Vampires where she was also educated and raised by her family. Her family was always a nice family to others and everyone treated them nice, reason by it is because their government was her father's top priorities in the city.

The Great ScareEdit

When she was 423 years old, the Great Scare of her city was the event that led people to die and even commit suicide. People paniced and she was all alone when her father, mother and brother all died after being drained of their blood. The same Vampires went after her but failed when she left the city. She thought that maybe she could find help among other life on the planet, but couldn't.

Meeting the I.A.FEdit

By that same year, Lexi came across Aaron Carter, Claire Porter, Taylor Jones and even Serron Devney, who are all members of the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom. She revealed herself and they got her something to eat, which they realized was blood when she looked at Claire's neck, so Aaron got her a bag of blood from the medical supply to feed her. Grateful and satisfied, Lexi took them to her city where many looked at them in both suspicion and even thirst for their blood. They got to a lab where after several days, Aaron successfully created a new formula for a blood substitute, however the equipment to produce it was no where but in the possession of the I.A.F. Aaron contacted a medical ship which arrived in hours and managed to make the equipment available for manufacturing the formula. Once that happened, every Vampire, except the dead managed to quench their insatiable thirst for a while. Once that was complete, Aaron and Claire realized that Lexi was now an orphan, so they decided to adopt her as one of their own.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Like all of the Vampires that she has lived with, Lexi possesses the same abilities as the Vampires on Earth. Her strength, speed, senses, reflexes, agility, healing, stamina and even endurance are heightened to superhuman level. She also possesses partial invulnerability which allows her to withstand certain conventional weapons and even lasers. She also possesses flight which enables her to fly over any and all objects for a certain amount of time. Also because of her being pure blood Vampire, Lexi is also capable of changing her appearance for a long time. Immortality is also a power which allows Lexi to look like a child, but do things an average adult can do


Like all Vampires, Lexi is no exception the their many weaknesses. Silver, Garlic, Yellow Suns, Roses, Holy Items, severe blood loss and even lack of feeding are all known to either injure her or even kill her.

Weapons & EquipmentEdit

The only weakness that has been able to be avoided is the weakness to the yellow sun which Aaron has developed a forcefield generator that Lexi wears on her belt which will protect her from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Aside from that, she is armed with either a modified Browning Hi-Power or a Walther PP or PPK. She is also equipped with an ear piece, allowing her to speak to others from far away.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Lexi is known to be a sweet girl, as well as caring and very gentle towards animals, as well as people. She also enjoys to act her own age as well as her other ages and has even been known to be a wise cracking little girl too. She takes her job seriously whenever she is on duty as well and works until the job is done. She also cares for the safety of her family and even friends.