Lord Miles Dracula was born on December 23, 2376 in the Milky Way Galaxy on the human world of Earth.

Early LifeEdit

Miles was born to a dhampir named Vlad Dracula VI and a human woman named Maria. He spent most of his life as a pampered son; however one day; fate intervened, in turn he started to stop being pampered like he was used to. Miles was more free at 17; however he was regrettably informed that his parents died in a tragic fire at their mansion.

After the funeral; Miles continued on without a penny to his name and all his possessions were siezed by the New Earth Police Force. He continued on until he met Seinfeld Klein who got him into the mercenary buisness and for the next several years he became a force to be reckoned with against his enemies.

Rise of the VampireEdit

While following a target onto the hostile environment of Necros 5; Miles managed to tag his target and was on his way back to his ship. Fate intervened when he was attacked by a Vampire on the planet surface. He killed the Vampire and headed back to his ship and escaped the surface of the planet.

His ship later crash landed in a cave on the Fascirian homeworld where he completed his transformation into a vampire. Since he was stranded; he decided to sleep and conserve his strength until anyone found him.


By the year 2436; Fascirians exploring the caves that Dracula crashed landed into so many years later; in search of Aryanium Crystals. Once they stumbled upon Dracula's ship; they searched it for any kind of valuables and attempted to use the technology for their own use. When they found a coffin in the cargo hold. The coffin was intended for Miles' target after he killed him; however in order to sleep; Miles placed himself in the coffin. Fascirians entered the cargo hold and discovered the coffin; hoping as though there may have been something of value inside, so they tried openning it.

7 Hours went by and they failed getting it opened; so with small explosives; they were about to blow the cover; however the cover was forced opened by an awoken Dracula; who rose up and exited the coffin. The Fascirian troops that encountered him fired at him with MP40s and STG-44s, all of which were ineffective. Dracula then fed on them and later escaped by stowing away on the USS Warpstar and sleeping for the next 5 years.


5 years later; Dracula still slept in the cargo hold of the Warpstar; however was undisturbed for a while. Lexi Dalton entered the cargo bay to refill on food for the galley; however stumbled upon Dracula in a deep sleep. She brought it to the attention of Aaron Carter; who investigated it. Aaron went to the cargo bay and woke up their uninvited guest; however Dracula didn't take kindly to being woken up and so he attacked Aaron; but to no prevail. Aaron later questioned Dracula after giving him a blood bag to satsfy his thirst at least for a while. Dracula explained that he was trapped on Fasciria for a long time and he needed a ride off the planet. Aaron understood what happened and Dracula requested that he join the I.A.F against their enemies and prove himself loyal to them.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Like the typical Vampire; Dracula possesses the same powers and abilities; however unlike other vampires; all his abilities are enhanced 5 fold. He also has 2 additional powers that no other vampire possesses that make him the most powerful Vampire. Shapeshifting is a power that Dracula possesses due to the fact that the original Vampire DNA that makes up his body retains the same gene that his great grandfather had. He also possesses an immunity to all forms of physical harm when it comes to the traditional Vampire weaknesses; this is explained due to the fact that his great grandfather possessed this same capability and that the gene in his body already retains it.