Luke Conright
Luke Conright
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin New Earth
Species Human
  • Member of the Intergalactic Pirate Republic (formerly)
  • Member of the Custos Order
  • Date of Birth March 13, 2502
    Eye Color Green
    Height 5'10
    Marital Status Single
    Status Alive
    Weapons of Choice Plasma Sword


    Combat Training
  • Free-running
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat
  • Melee Combat
  • Weapons Training
  • Piloting
  •  "What's my purpose...freedom, peace, honor? I'm still trying to find that out but you guys make me feel like I know my purpose."

    -- Luke Conright

    Luke Conright or Captain Conright was a former I.A.F soldier and a former pirate but now is a current member of the Custos Order. He was also the captain of the renowned pirate ship The Adler. He was notable for killing his former mentor turned traitor Argus Blackwater.


    Early LifeEdit

    Luke was born and raised in New York II, New Earth to farmer parents Edward and Abigail Conright. Luke never fit in at school or at home due to him being so distant, Luke was drawn to stargazing as he believed he would one day travel the stars. When Luke was 11, he had behavioral problems and so was enrolled at the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom Academy, Luke was taught to behave and also was trained in military combat. Luke eventually graduated in 2520 at the age of 18, he later joined the I.A.F as a soldier.

    Becoming a pirateEdit

    Luke Conright Pirate

    Luke as captain of The Adler

    After 2 years of serving the I.A.F, he had enjoyed all of his adventures battling pirates and the Militia but felt he was not fulfilling his dreams but the dreams of others and so Luke left the I.A.F and returned to New Earth to find new work. He then met a renowned pirate he battled some years before named Argus Blackwater, Argus remembered his fighting skills and saw potential and recruited him to the Intergalactic Pirate Republic. Luke enjoyed his life as a pirate feeling he was having adventures across the stars and also benefiting himself. In his pirate years he met others like himself including the famous pirate: Dog Loganson

    Obtaining The AdlerEdit

    In 2523 after a year of pirating, he wanted to captain his own ship instead of being the Ferals Revenge's quarter master. One day, the Ferals Revenge was attacked by a fleet of I.A.F starfighters, Luke was seperated from the Ferlas Revenge and stranded on an I.A.F ship. Luke killed the captain Benedict Pounde and claimed the ship for himself, Luke also offered the soldiers on that ship to join him and be part of his crew or die. The soldiers joined Luke.

    Joining the Custos'Edit

    Lukes wanted poster

    Luke's wanted poster

    In 2526 at the age of 24, Luke was a renowned pirate and was wanted by the I.A.F and Militia alike and so he was attacked by bounty hunters, the I.A.F, and the Militia on a daily basis but nonetheless Luke loved the fighting and constant winning. But one day in a battle with the Militia he was overwhelmed and The Adler's engines were knocked out sending the ship crash landing on the nearest planet: Kazak Prime. The Militia assuming he had died from the crash did not bother sending a search party, although the crew died Luke and his quarter master Jimmy survived and were stranded, with no food or water they went to look for help. After days of searching they had given up hope but were eventually found by a group of hooded figures that ultimately saved them and repaired The Adler. The group trusting Luke told him of their history and their secret war with the group called the Subiugo's, Luke also discovered that the pirate Dog Loganson was also a member, Luke liked the idea of a battle and asked if he could join them, they agreed to induct Luke and Jimmy into the order. They then gave him new garnments and spent the next two years training Luke and Jimmy in the ways of the Custos. Over the years, Luke had matured from his selfish ambitions and generally wanted universal peace.


    In 2528 while eavesdropping on a Subiugo conversation, Luke discovered that his friend and mentor Argus had joined the order a few years before, feeling betrayed and fueled with anger Luke gathered other Custos' members and went to hunt him down.

    Killing Argus BlackwaterEdit

    Near the end of 2528, Luke and the Custos' had finally found Argus, Argus was prepared for the battle and had fellow Subiugo members alongisde him, an all out battle broke out. Eventually, The Adler had damaged the Ferals Revenge enough to bored, Luke and his Custos crewmates killed the Ferals Revenge's crewmates and Luke had a final duel with Argus, Luke killed Argus by stabbing him in the heart. Before his death, Luke wanted to know why he would betray his own cause and Argus revealed to him his dream was hopeless and it was better to join his enemies rather than die from them, Luke then called him a coward and that all of his respect was lost for him, Argus the died.


    In 2529 a year after Argus' death, Luke had stayed with the Custos and agreed to stay with them until the end of his days. Luke was well respected among his peers for his grand adventures.

    Personality and TraitsEdit

    In Luke's early 20s, he was a very selfish person loving to do things that would benefit himself rather than others that is the reason why he was respected among other pirates. In Luke's mid 20s after joining the Custos, this trait had died down and Luke became more caring for others and put others before himself, he was heavily admired by other Custos members for this trait.

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