ME-2436 Stern Rabe
  • ME-2436 Stern Rabe
  • Star Raven
  • Produced In: 2436
    Type Vehicle: Starfighter/ Interceptor
    Width: 21.7 m² (234 ft²) (Wingspan)
    Height/Depth: 3.50 m (11 ft 6 in)
    Length: 10.60 m (34 ft 9 in)
  • 3,800 kg (8,400 lb) (Empty Weight)
  • 6,473 kg[84] (14,272 lb) (Loaded Weight)
  • Armor:
  • Trontanium Alloy
  • Kirtonium Deflector Shield
  • Manufacturer: Fascirians
    Country of Origin: Germany
    Crew: 2
  • Bow 20mm Plasma Cannons (4)
  • Concealed Wing Mounted Valkyrie Guided Missile Launchers (2)
  • Special Devices:
  • Hyperdrive Generator
  • Cloaking Device
  • Aryan Valkyrie Targeting System
  • Service Length: 2436-Present
    Power Source: Aryanium Crystals

    The Messerschmitt ME-2436 ("Stern Rabe" or "Star Raven") is the next generation starfighter; manufactured by the Fascirians by the year 2436.

    Early StartEdit

    By the year 2436; in their war against the Anti-Fascists; the Fascirians seeked a new fighter due to the fact that their ME-262D Stern Haifisch fighters were being shot down by new Thor-Class Stinger Missiles that the Anti-Fascists possess. Fascirian scientists started seeking the creation of a new aircraft and they soon created the Star Raven as their next generation starfighter.


    Since it's creation; the Fascirians used this fighter on patrols and attacks on the I.A.F.

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