The Messerschmitt ME-262D ("Stern Haifisch" or "Star Shark") is the first interstellar starfighter created by the Nazis that would later create the Fascirians. It is one of the earliest starfighters developed to escape Earth 5 years after the fall of the Nazi Regime in 1945.

Early StartEdit

Realizing the war was lost to the Nazis; the Luftwaffe secretly developed a new version of their Messerschmitt ME-262 Schwalbe that would be capable of space travel. They succeeded in creating a 2 seated version of the craft and mass produced them until the fall of the Reichstag High Command on April 30, 1945.

The Luftwaffe managed to build at least 400 of these before the Russians captured Berlin and by the same year; they launched them into space where they landed on their moon base and were later placed on transport ships. After the creation of the Fascirian Empire; the ME-262D became one of their primary starfighters and patrol crafts.


For the last 491 years; the ME-262D has become an icon of the Fascirian Luftwaffe along side the Odin-Class Attacker.