Vital statistics
  • Mauser Werke AG
  • Wilhelm-Gustloff-Stiftung
  • Steyr-Daimler-Puch,
  • Type General Purpose Machine Gun
  • Extra Barrels
  • The MG-42 (A.K.A "Machinengewehr 1942") was a general purpose machine gun that was manufactured by Nazi Germany during World War 2.


    By 1942, the German MG-34 became more complicated to manufacture for the war effort due to the expenses and dwindling resources. Eventually a new machine gun was needed for combat and what the Germans came up with used not just steel, but sheet metals as well. The weapon had a very notorious sound and rate of fire whenever in use and that weapon was none other than the MG-42.

    The weapon served the Nazis through until the year 1945, however it was later on used until 1968 by other countries.


    By the year 2436, the Fascirians on the planet Fasciria still utilize this weapon due to it's immense firepower on the battlefield. They even utilized the weapon against Aaron Carter and Claire Porter; however the weapon proved ineffective against their powers.

    Later on the Fascirians came out with a new form of MG-42 that was in fact faster in firepower and more ammunition could be shot; the weapon is known as the MG-83 machine gun.


    MG 4201:34

    MG 42

    German MG-4201:10

    German MG-42

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