The MG-83 (Machinen Gewehr 2483) is a general purpose machine gun developed by the Fascirians in the year 2436. The weapon is in fact an improvement over their original MG-42.

Early StartEdit

After the success of their STG M-85 assault rifle, the Fascirians looked for a way to make their MG-42 machine gun a more powerful and accurate weapon. When their scientists made the first prototype MG-83; they were so determined that the Furher was demonstrated the weapon first hand and he approved on the model. The weapon has proven it's effectiveness on the battlefield and has been serving these troops well.


The MG-83; like it's assault rifle counterpart is a self-loading machine gun that fires 2x more fire power than it's MG-42 predeccessor and fires from a 250 round drum of 7.92x57mm Mauser ammunition. The weapon is also capable of firing from a belt of the more ammunition and the shells eject from the bottom where the magazine is housed like the MG-42. Like it's assault counterpart; this weapon also possesses an electronic ammo counter; however utilizes 3 numbers instead of two numbers on the STG M-85. It's mostly mounted on a tripod or bipod; however some troopers are capable of lifting the weapon and use it on the assault. Also when a link belt is placed into the top; it can be inserted on either side of the weapon.