Korean Empire MIG-36
Produced In: 2436
Type Vehicle: Starfighter
Width: 9.63 m (31 ft 7 in)
Height/Depth: 3.80 m (12 ft 5½ in)
Length: 11.26 m (36 ft 11½ in)
  • 3,919 kg[32] (8,640 lb) (Empty Weight)
  • 5,350 kg (11,770 lb) (Loaded Weight)
  • Armor: Korinium Alloy
    Manufacturer: Korean Empire
    Country of Origin: North Korea
    Crew: 2
  • Concealed Bow K-37 Plasma Miniguns (2)
  • Concealed Aft Wing Mounted Plasma Miniguns
  • Wing Mounted High Powered Mini-ICBMs (4)
  • Wing Mounted K-47 EMP Sidewinders (4)
  • Special Devices:
  • Hyperdrive Generator
  • Cryogenic Cockpit
  • Vertical Takeoff System
  • Cloaking Device (Lead Craft Only)
  • Service Length: 2450-Present
    Power Source: Korontium Crystals

    The MIG-36 is the standard issued starfighter manufactured by the Korean Empire.

    Early StartEdit

    By the year 2436; the Korean Empire started utilizing new technology for their starfighters; however their fighters were so outdated that they would explode after a certain amount of time. Korean scientists started coming up with a new craft that would become the essential starfighter of their navy. They came up with a new MIG that would not only use metals to replace steel; but also new weapons and technology; resulting in the MIG-36 to become the best fighter in the Korean arsenal.

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