Marissa Prince was born on December 25, 2401 on the planet of Paradisia. She is in fact from a race of beings that were wiped out by the Militia; leaving her to believe that she is the last of her kind.

Early LifeEdit

Marissa was born on the planet of Paradisia; where she was raised by her parents. She was living a happy life; however by the age of 5; Militia allied Angels were sent in and killed most of the Angels. She was left alive as a test subject.


By the year 2436; Marissa was constantly being tortured by the Militia; however this all changed when a young Lieutenant named Russell Prince decided to defect. After seeing her in such a horrifying state; Russell decided enough was enough and as a result; he released her from her bindings and escaped with her from the Militia's Flagship and got out of the area in a Fascirian Odin-Class Attacker.

While onboard the ship; a stowaway attacked Russell and almost killed Marissa. Russell saw this and got so mad and savage that he clenched his fist up and with one extremely powerful punch; he managed to break through his rib cage and to the front; this was because of a prosthetic arm he gained while in battle, having lost his real arm. He tore out the stowaways heart and crushed it under his boot; saying to the ravaged troop "'You touch her, you DIE!". Marissa looked at him when he noticed it was his brother Claudius.

Falling in Love & Defection to the I.A.FEdit

Marissa saw this and knew that he wanted to keep her safe; which led to her falling in love with him. For the next 3 weeks; they traveled into I.A.F space and were then found by the USS Warpstar. They identified themselves as friendly and were then brought into the Warpstar's hanger bay where they were greeted and pledged their services to the I.A.F.

Future with RussellEdit

A week later; Marissa decided that she wanted Russell to become her mate. A month later; Marissa entered Russell's room and they talked for a while, which led to Russell to propose to Marissa which shocked her. She accepted and the 2 were married within 2 weeks. They spent their honeymoon on New Vegas.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Because of her status as an Angel; Marissa has several unique powers and abilities at her disposal.


Although Marissa's race is known to possess extended longevity; her on the other hand, is endowed with this power due to her birthday being on the birthday of Christ.

Accelerated HealingEdit

One of her most amazing powers is her ability to heal from any wound at the same rate as the Terranovians.


Like the Terranovians; Marissa also possess a unique form of invulnerability; which in turn is a forcefield that she can project close or outward to keep her body from being harmed.


Because of their known ability to fly in Christian beliefs; Marissa is capable of such a feet; including the ability to fly through the vaccum of space.

Heightened SensesEdit

Because of her race's natural senses; Marissa's senses are as amazingly accurate as a Terranovians.

Partial Reality ManipulationEdit

One of the most amazing powers that Marissa has the ability to create things with the use of her mind. She can create things ranging from sewing needles to washing machines. Eventually she will be capable of creating fighter planes and spacecraft.


Marissa is known to possess an amazing and very powerful form of psychokinesis that allows her to move anything that she desires.

Superhuman StrengthEdit

Angels are known for their superhuman strength and that is what Marissa also possesses. It is the same exact level of strength of the Terranovians.

Superhuman SpeedEdit

Like the Terranovians; Marissa is known to have the power to run and fly at superhuman speed.

Angel's KissEdit

One of the most distinguishing powers that Marissa possesses is the ability to turn others into Angels with just one kiss. This power is only used once every year and on the December 25; it is basically whenever Marissa kisses someone that she loves. It only takes one kiss for them to become an angel.


Although she has many amazing powers and abilities; Marissa also has several weaknesses as well.

Other AngelsEdit

Other Angels that are mostly born Angels are known to be capable of negating Marissa's powers and when she's away from them. Only the ones that are turned into Angels; primarily her mate are the exception to the rule. Also even though he children will be born Angels; they are also an exception to the rule.


Because they are both naturally equal in strength and power; Terranovians are capable of in fact killing Angels like Marissa. This is highly unlikely that this will happen because they are known to be good friends and allies.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Marissa is known to be a very calm and gentle soul. However because of her torment at the hands of the Militia; she has a hatred for all evil, whether it be small or big. She believes it's her duty to assist good against evil. She is also known to have comedic humor and known to be a very faithful wife to her husband. She is also known to be very emotional when someone mentions that she is the only one of her kind left. She also is known to be a party animal; although she can't get drunk; she is also known to be a very social woman too.


  • Marissa's protrayer Marisol Nichols; co-starred with Ethan Embry both starred in the film Vegas Vacation as Audrey and Rusty Griswold.