The Maxim MG-2450 (MachinenGewehr 2450) is the primary heavy machine gun designed and developed by the Anti-Fascist against their enemy; the Fascirians.

Early StartEdit

By the year 2450; the Anti-Fascists were up against impeccable odds unlike usual. This wasn't a problem for them; however that's what they thought until their MG-42 machine guns started becoming impossible to maintain due to the fact that the barrels were so hot they were impossible to even hold. The Anti-Fascists then realized that the Fascirians were trying to overrun them; thankfully however, Anti-Fascist scientists have already started a project on a new weapon; called the MG-50.

They manufactured millions of them and that led to the ultimate standoff between them and the Fascirians. Because the weapon was not only air cooled, but water cooled as well; as well as the firepower of the MG-42, this weapon proved the most powerful weapon the Anti-Fascists possess.


Since it's creation in 2450; the MG-50 has served the Anti-Fascists well; it was also been adopted by the Intergalactic Alliance of Freedom due to it's firepower and new armor piercing 7.92x57mm Mauser ammunition.